Friday, January 22, 2016

Planet With A Dead Sun

Oh no! Not the end of the Holocene! Neanderthal is affeert.

HAHAHAHAH ROFL Tee-shirt weather for the Enkidu. It's not the heat, it's the humidity. I'm afraid you may have been the victim of a cruel tourism hoax where the Northern Hemisphere was portrayed as "habitable" and "reasonably temperate." If they told you that then they lied. It's Neanderthal world above the equator and it always will be. You have been warned.


Herman said...

Reminds me of my time in England when I would wear t shirts all the time and everyone looked at me like I was crazy or nowadays when I work in the 20 degree freezer with no jacket. They're always saying I'm going to get sick and it never happens. Just goes to show manboons have no will they don't think and are quite a superstitious lot

Fubar said...

I've had quite a few jobs working in freezing temperatures. I'd do hours of inventory in freezers wearing shorts and a t shirt and working outside in the winter I'd wear bibs, a t shirt and finger less gloves just t keep my hands from freezing to my tools. People always said the same things. "You're crazy, you're gonna catch pneumonia , yadda yadda". My body temp has always been "normal" but cold weather doesn't bother me the way it seems to bother others. Either that or they are just plain lazy and looking for another excuse to get out of work. It's also funny when the feminazi's suddenly become delicate flowers and need a "big strong man" when the wind chill gets below zero.

Texas Arcane said...


Feminism fades pretty quickly when the snow shovel comes out.

Young Heaving Bosoms of Liberty (d.b.a. automatthew) said...

Do thals have low body temps?

Texas Arcane said...


Of course not. 6000 calories a day of thermal and metabolic energy. Human space heaters. Could blister paint off walls when the temperature drops.

Low body temp at 300 degrees below zero is a bad idea.

I've often heard this in the "Starchild" mythology and various other Sapiens brainfarts but for example (I could write a 100 page response) your typical Aspergers child will always sweat at "normal" room temperature and in tests by the University of Minnesota seemed to have a unique response to the cold other children don't, including bright red flushing of the face and extremities.

Ron said...

Enjoy your winter paradise Neands! :)

Herman said...

That explains the steam I generate when it rains

bicebicebice said... proper thal weather

Maochael Schleatensmao said...

I have these symptoms and it makes me very prone to dehydration.
I also have the redness in response to cold but didn't know that was unusual.

This winter I decided to sleep without any AC and a thin sheet. At first I would wake up with a cold nose but eventually I acclimated, my nose became warm to the touch. I also experienced a dramatic increase in body hair.

Maochael Schleatensmao said...

I theorize that white/ruddy skin has a warming function.
Studies have shown that lighter-skinned people are less susceptible to frostbite. Sunburn is simply caused by excessive heat, whites in cold high-sunlight climates don't seem to sunburn or tan at all and take on a very ruddy skin tone. Dark skin is meant to deflect sunheat.

I would like to hear any disagreements or feedback you have.