Thursday, January 14, 2016

Manjaro Linux

I normally would not promote one version of Linux over another because there are so many varieties but after trying this distribution I gotta tell ya it is smooth ... fast ... quick loading ... and a darn good replacement for Windows 7 or XP if you're resisting the Orwellian Windows 10 Borg autobots popping up their intimidating windows on your machine despite never approving that kind of advertisement taking over your PC with your last Microsoft "Update." (Virus Installer)

Try the SSD installation procedure if you want to see an 8 second boot with another partition on the same card. I tried to scratch my nose before the screen appeared but it brought up the desktop before I could finish.


Mex Arcane said...

Why Manjaro rather than Xubuntu? You're specifically after a rolling distro?

Russell said...

Manjaro is built on Arch Linux, but designed to help the user get up and running easily, and stay up and running. Unlike Arch, which is as elitist as they come for distros.

Xubuntu is built on Ubuntu/Debian. Ubuntu is, well, Ubuntu. Canonical is the closest thing to Microsoft in the Linux distro world, and that's a sword that cuts both ways.

I highly recommend Manjaro if you want a usable distro that's a rolling release.

I highly recommend Debian for a more stable, but slower moving, distro.