Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kwanstainian Thugs Bragging About Stealing Land

... from war veterans at a fraction of it's worth using legal manoeuvres and sophistry backed by the power of the State.

I bet their parents are really proud of them, stealing land from their fellow citizens and "little guys" who were WW2 veterans.

This is the real face of abomination that hides behind the State. It is these people who are the "little people," who like functionaries in all totalitarian societies turn into miserable tyrants, each of them a master of a little crime syndicate that seeks to prey on it's own people.

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Ave said...

I just witnessed something like this yesterday BTW (about the wrecking of the french school system and an official insisting on how what they took from us was a "bonus given to us")

These guys are on a very micro scale in the apprehension of events. They are going to be the ones disgruntled people are going to hurt (even if it gets the perpetrators in jail)

What most people there don't realize is that's a transitory stage, in USSR it was called the Perestroika.

After that there was no state, only gangsters with the powers of feudal lords (i.e. "Oligarchs")

But one thing about the WW2 vets : for the scumbags in the video, it is probably another way to say these were the quintessential doofus victims. Recruitment in the USA during WW2 was appaling, they took very poor people and people with no other choices (impoverished farmers etc.). You got into manufacturing or something else (plenty of possibilities then) if you had any choice. So these "little guys" have been screwed their whole life through.