Friday, January 29, 2016

Kwanstainia, Land Of A Thousand ButtHurts

To know them is to despise them. If a Kwanstainian tells you it is raining outside, don't bother with your umbrella going to work today. Everything they say is the opposite of the truth. Good is evil. Bitter is sweet. Up is down. Truth is lies.

Give them kids more dope because it makes them better. Permanently. Now they are good yanks. Wait, what is the reason we giving them this crap again? I forgot.

I am sure if all that was true they would tell us about it. Needs more green screen. It's not trustworthy until it is photoshopped and contrast reversed. Everything.


Takudzwa Aywok said...

I'm pretty sure Mongols ravaged asia and eastern europe the way they did because they inherited greater amount of grey matter and the occipital from the Neanderthals, and that the only reason aspies are not good at throwing is because they don't have wide shoulders and that's it.
I'm pretty sure that if you have ENOUGH neanderthals, all with ENOUGH experience with archery, you could do the same as Gengis Khan did, to the cro-magnons.

By the way, did you know that the mongols got their horses from the tocharians?

Texas Arcane said...


I completely agree with you about the Mongols. I have thought about these same things a great deal.

We are taught the Mongols were savages. If they were savages how did they overcome people with muskets and powerful bows?

The truth is, they were much smarter people. The rest of Asia had silk for hundreds of years but ask yourself how come they never tried winding it tightly around themselves as armour? Plenty of historical sources say that their musket balls and arrows bounced right off these incredibly agile horsemen when they were wrapped in nothing but silk which turned out to be a superior armour than most metals and it was also light and let the wearer breathe.

Again and again, the "savages" demonstrated an uncanny ability to innovate, think and adapt their approach. Most of the people they attacked showed no such brainpower. Such things are only inherited from Neanderthals. Melonheads are best at social intelligence and other devious schemes. Cro-Magnon was one of the least creative creatures that ever existed. The Mongols inherited a lot of Neanderthal genes and it made them very formidable. They were adept enough to fire accurately from horseback while being nearly impervious to the arrows of their enemies. Supposedly even their horses were wrapped in silk.

What kind of animal can see a solution that is right in front of it where Sapiens can stare at it for centuries and see nothing? Neanderthals can do that and the people who inherit genes from them.

I actually had a long conversation about this Mongol-Neanderthal link about 7 years back on an anthropology board. The Saps were still wooden and incapable of seeing the obvious. Mongols = Barbarians, period, explains everything, no thinking required.

Sam said...

"...Anti-depressants doubles a child’s risk of suicidal behaviour..."

A question. If depressed people take anti-depressants and are more suicidal then where did they get the depressed people who DON'T take anti-depressants to compare them to? How exactly did they measure this?

I'm not saying it's not true just that I've gotten to the point where I don't trust any side of much of anything. Neither the drug makers or their critics.

styrac1 said...

'Masturbation Booths' Erected In Downtown NYC

Takudzwa Aywok said...

I agree with all that which you say about the mongols. But most importantly grey matter and the occipital have alot to do with spatial thinking or at least aeoli pera says.
I figured out it could be that it gave them an advantage as for archery.
Also, another advantage the mongols had is that they had a very melony emperor. Gengis Khan was red-haired and blue-eyed and came from a clan that had a legend that said that the ancestor of this clan was a mongol woman who got visited in her tend by a blond and blue eyed god.
The way gengis khan found his wife is that he looked for a woman with the "fiery look in her eyes" and that's somesin you can expect from melons.

Maochael Schleatensmao said...

"Intelligence is best defined as the ability to invent useful products out of useless raw material"

Reminds me of how Genghis Khan was portrayed in the ancient paintings and in verbal tradition as being ruddy like so:
(That's the REAL painting they have at the RPM which is often
Thing is that on top of their Thal genius they lacked Thal character and so fancied gangraping and forced insemination of the native peoples who lived there and any women they could rape actually.

Maochael Schleatensmao said...

How Neanderthal do you consider modern Chinese to be? I remember you saying Asians had almost no Neanderthal DNA.
Mongoloid cultures certainly have lots of suicidal and K-selected traditions, I consider the willingness to suicide to be a tell of one's level of humanity personally, animals and ubermenschen lack this.

Maochael Schleatensmao said...

Sapiens are so linear and bent on living, living a meaningless and mediocre life at the cost of others.