Thursday, January 14, 2016

THE ITZ DIET! Finally a diet that really works! ITZ COMING!

It leverages time tested principles to guarantee you shed those excess pounds - FAST!

Proven solution to unwanted weight gain tested in third world countries and demonstrated to help you lose that flab at an unprecedented rate!

"I've tried all the popular diets and none of them really worked for me!
 This one will keep that weight off after you have lost it - guaranteed!"
This is the life-changing diet that Amerikwans have been waiting for!
P.S. Every single famine in history during the last 500 years has been deliberately engineered by governments. Without governments, the human race was capable of providing ample amounts of cheap, healthy, plentiful natural food over a half a millennium ago based purely on advances in agriculture and animal husbandry without any resort to GMOs, pesticides or large scale corporate farming. The reason there are famines coming is because (as always) the government has seen to it. For example, if they taught you about the "Irish Potato Famine," did they explain to you why the Irish only had potatoes left as a crop? Did they explain what state the Irish people were in right before the "famine" happened? No, chances are they didn't teach you these things. There is a reason they didn't teach you these things. When things get bad, the government will make sure you won't be able to learn about this and many other things.


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Aeoli Pera said...

That pic with the kid was darker than usual.

Kona Commuter said...

I remember reading Ferfal (Argentinian “survivalist” blogger) writing about a young girl being interviewed at Christmas time one year and asked what she’d like for Christmas. Her reply was to die because her family couldn’t afford to buy enough food.

Ferfal said that when the Argentine economy collapsed their farms & food manufacturers simply exported the produce because they could get more money.

The Communists used to say during the time of the live aid concerts that the famines weren’t due to failure to produce enough food but rather the distribution of it.