Saturday, January 9, 2016

Deconstructing The Military and the Martial Virtues

When Bolshevists seize power

The Romans found out they were living in a complete fantasy world when they went into the Teutoberger forest. Eyewitness accounts say the Teutonics piled their bodies six stories high and left them to rot for the buzzards.

I correspond with some old military buddies now and then. There is not a doubt in my mind that in the first conflict with a real enemy the U.S. is going to get absolutely creamed. I see radioactive wastes a hundred miles wide with the bodies of soldiers in Europe and elsewhere six stories deep this time around. The next war will come as much a shock as the last one was to those who have failed to innovate or improve their strategic outlook.

When feminists, butch girls and metrosexual soldiers encounter Spetznatz and Red Chinese assault troops they are going to discover that playing Call of Duty had not prepared them to fight a real war in the least. Not the tiniest bit. I think of the French on horseback with feathered hats riding into the German machine gun trench gauntlets while bored Huns turned them into hamburger by just squeezing a trigger. This went on for days before French officers suspected anything might be amiss in their battle strategy. Kwanstainia talks a good game and certainly had the original lead in tech but I think all of that has changed now. My ancestors made it look so easy to stay on top they just took it for granted that it would just stay that way. They make scienmagistical sounds and squint but when they open their eyes nothing good has made itself and they are still gearing up to fight World War Two. Unfortunately this is World War Three.


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Take a look at what I found:

Damn genetic memory.
"There were ancient stories told of encounters with other peoples from beyond the sea, who landed on Aspergia and even took some of its residents with them. They were described as looking similar to the Aspergians, but having different customs, and producing very loud sounds, which were painful to the ears of the Aspergians. But these were old stories, and time has passed since there was a sighting of a tiny image on the horizon."


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The Navy secretary merely does his best to keep up with the trends. Equality is all-inclusive and doesn't exclude any aspect of military "life" (pun intentional)

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The Romans found out they were living in a complete fantasy world when they went into the Teutoberger forest.

Romans??? Ropersons, please. Like, seriously.

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Know a buddy from Siberia. He had a childhood friend that became a prison guard at a maximum security prison in Siberia. He said he weighed about 140lbs and had to 'look after' rapists, serial killers, cannibals. When he asked him - I think he said his name was Aleksey - how they managed as such, he said "They're not humans, so we don't treat them like that".

Later, this guys sister said she 'always thought Aleksey was a faggit' - her words - because he 'acted funny' around her. He was probably just shy because she was cute and had huge, prefect tits. haha. Even Russian women are tougher than Western 'men'; and significantly hotter than western women!

Couple musings..

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Financial apocalypse full steam ahead

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Those are supposedly atlantean skulls which can no longer be found and which you can't find pictures of easily.
Could it be that the one on the right is the one of one of those european-looking non-mousterian thals you often talk of?
To me, the one on the right doesn't look too melonhead either while still having quite if a big skull or forehead and looking "attractive" or gracile

Those skulls were found in Brazil

Takudzwa Aywok said...

The skull on the right I think is very likely to be Thal because the right part of the braincase if you take a closer look is a thousand times bigger than the left part which means that the right cerebral hemisphere of this individual would have been a hell lot bigger than the left, which would have meant that he got exposed to a lot of prenatal testosterone, which is a Thal thing.

Or it might just be me or an illusion or it might mean nothing
Seems to be the case for the other skull too but alot less visible.

The neanderthal skulls with small foreheads have this particularity and it's kinda visible.