Thursday, January 14, 2016

Australia Builds Naval Ships For U.S. Military That Are Not Optimised For Water Operation

Give us a couple billion more and we will fix that thingamajig, say Aussies.

Normally R&D testing brings out bugs like this in ships before they are mass produced.

"R&D Whatchamasay now?" - Australian

Testing is extra. You Yanks said you wanted boats. Nobody said anything about them being seaworthy. That's just like a Yank to try to sneak in extra features without paying for them.

I took her out fer a spin meself before delivery, yah stupid Yanks. She wez perfectly fine I donnow whatcha talking' bout. Yer bein' too ruff wittit. That bow was fine before she left and you started hittin' a bunch of waves wittit. You dun broke it yah stoopid Yank.

P.S. Notice it's an Australia company which doesn't build these ships in Australia, despite an abundant supply of idle shipyards and men hungry for work. Instead they build them in Alabama providing jobs and helping the economy there. Australia they put on their stationary but they don't actually employ anybody in a 3000 mile wide nation with prolific infrastructure rusting away designed for exactly this kind of manufacturing.


bicebicebice said...

"Give us a couple billion more and we will fix that thingamajig, say Aussies."

Man, that caught me completely off guard, dude, my sides. "thingamajig". HAHAHA!!!

Itz. About time if you ask me.

Jace said...

Sounds about right.

Gregg said...