Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Why Science Has Lost All Credibility

This chick may be onto something. A lot of these
women look like crosses between male and females.
Perhaps a new classification called "Schmales" is in order.
I suspect endocrinal disruptors in public water.
The past thirty years of X-Rays and CT Scans paint a picture that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the conclusions claimed in this Israeli study.

THE EXACT OPPOSITE. Three decades of neuroscience have shown that male and female brains are so anatomically different that any layman can instantly learn to recognise the two just on features and proportions. This short article is just the tip of the iceberg here, trust me.

When this "Israeli" study gets high priority coverage across all mass media and the overwhelming prevailing evidence that contradicts it is barely even discussed, science is no more credible than theology during the 8th century. Clearly, "scientism" has become just another form of political control. Over the years it has graduated from grotesque distortions and omissions and in the past ten years has moved into overt, blatant LYING. It started with "Climate Change" and spread like a yeast infection to all the "sciences" between 1992 and 2012. This is that tenth generation dismal tide sweeping through all the paid professions.

Increasingly, if you heard it from a "scientamagist" you can be certain it is no more credible than the cheap paper tracts that Bolshevists distributed to the common people in the Soviet Union. It is POLITICAL. It has nothing to do with science. Every one of these frauds needs to answer for their crimes against the real scientists they have driven out of our institutions the past forty years.

Girls, I genuinely don't want to hurt feelings when I say this, but just like so many of the other professions the instant you start to admit people into any former meritocracy because of their gender, that profession goes straight to hell overnight. "Science" is probably the last casualty on the list. It's not that there aren't women with the brains to be in science ... it's that they are likely unable to enter the field because of all the hideous Bolshevist crones like the one above taking up slots they would have easily earned their way into on merit. Whether or not both sexes entered the professions in equal ratios, at least you would be assured the people who were in those careers were there because they measured up and then some. Just using feminine hygiene products is not a qualification to be a scientist and the results speak for themselves.

P.S. One thing not to like about the people who dominate "science" now is that they are always trying to ingratiate themselves with others. They have no core of integrity. They are all a little female in that they are always trying to befriend everybody by pretending to be in agreement with them. It's not a good trait. It's grovelling and prostrating oneself when it is expeditious, reserving vicious and ugly attacks for the shadows and from concealment. This is a really bad trait for a "scientist" to have. It is just not the well from which excellence in anything is drawn. If anything, it is a disqualification for that career. It causes the behaviour of other scientists, possibly sincere ones, to be modified to cope in an environment where increasingly everything is theatre and nothing genuine. If the "scienmagist" who spends all his time in performance art is the one who gets the grant money, what do you think happens to the one that spends all their time in the lab doing real research? In time, it turns everything it touches to crap because it is mere imitation and mimicry.


KW Jackson said...

All brains are the same. That will settle-in and then it will be, "White brains are deficient in x."

Edward said...

It is obviously not true to say that brains are not innately sexually dimorphic, because they are. At the same time it is also not true to say that people with XY chromosomes have masculine brains and people with XX chromosomes have feminine brains, because a lot of them don't.

Looking at this graph as a rough approximation, the total possible variability is far greater than the average difference between men and women, and a significant number of people have brains that fall on the 'wrong' side of the graph for their chromosomes/anatomy.

So any study trying to look at the differences between masculine brains and feminine brains, should compare individuals from the outer edges of the gender 'spectrum', regardless of chromosomes, rather than sampling only those belonging to the majority, who are found in the middle, otherwise you won't even know what you are looking for.

This is not necessarily a problem in and of itself, a wide diversity of personalities/capabilities spread across both sexes is what makes humanity so successful.
It only becomes a problem for those two far on the 'wrong' side, or when too large a percentage of the population is on the 'wrong' side, or when those gifted with the ability to consciously play both social 'games' at once become self-aware of their nature, as they tend to then hold everyone else in their thrall.

The best scientists are androgynous, or 'natural philosophers', as the scientific method itself is the feminine reproduction process playing in the subconscious, while the data is collected and analysed in the masculine analytical concious. It may then take a 'burst' of brain process inversion to finally correlate all the data and create a new simplified model or theory, collecting raw data on it's own is hardly the point of the exercise, and nor is massaging the available data to fit a socially popular, pre-existing theory.

So men can be good scientists, provided they are driven to find the absolute truth rather than social status for managing a big budget / leading a big team, and women can be good scientists provided they are not driven solely to create a social consensus bubble that destroys the truth in it's ever-expanding path. The best scientists are those that care naught for either status or popularity, but then, whatever truths they discover, will probably be entirely ignored in their lifetime, or exploited by someone else for power or popularity.

Bruce Charlton seems right in a lot of ways. I don't know that you can entirely blame the people involved, perhaps they don't know what they are doing, peoples world-views can seemingly easily slide down paths into unreality without their even being aware of it, especially if they are continually interacting with groups who continually reinforce their world-views. Unfortunately, powerful individuals can cause cultures to shift, and a cultural shift easily becomes a self-sustaining chain reaction leading to institutional paralysis or destruction.

bicebicebice said...

Real scientists and fringe nuts can be found in the garage. At all hours.

bob k. mando said...

it truly is amazing what you can 'prove' when you allow someone to stipulate to ASSUMPTIONS which everyone knows to be false.

bicebicebice said... !

bicebicebice said... !

Nick said...

Tex can you please post up a Vault-Co canon? I'm sure plenty of us would love to dive into that. Also do you have a favourite work of Apologetics?

Grogard said...

lol just look at her. How can you take that troglodyte seriously especially when telling obvious baldfaced lies.

Sometime around the 90s after all the commietards became the majority in USA science became a total joke. Of course since the main american demographic is completely excluded from the process as much as possible that alone is enough to kill it off completely.

Sam said...

Right up there with global warming.

I ran across this video. It's Roger Stone, Trumps adviser or was his adviser. It's not really clear. He has a book out on Hillary that seems damning. Probably has a lot of truth in it. That would be damning of course. The thing that caught my eye was his head. Lots of side shots. WOW what a melonhead. Here's a pic.


The video is good. I've been skeptical about Trump actually being what he says he is. I'm strongly leaning towards the idea that he is what he says he is. In the Stone video at about 12:49 he says Trump knows there's something "Hinkey" about 9-11. Bingo. If he can stay alive and get elected it would be very easy to roll these people up. Maybe not all of them but a lot. We need and old fashioned "good government" house cleaning.

Something else Trump said pleases me. He went tot some Jewish meeting and pissed them all off by telling the truth that Israel doesn't want peace.

Stone is coming out with a book on the "Bush Crime Family" soon also. I know Tex has no hope but it's not over yet. The US will be vastly poorer and less powerful than it was but maybe we won't completely implode. The Japanese were destroyed and by hard work and reasonably good decisions worked their way back. So did the Chinese. Even with all the Chinese corruption and mismanagement some simple looking after the countries business can do wonders. Another example is when the Republican congress held spending down under Clinton it wasn't long before things became if not good, bearable.

I'm not so denuded to believe in Greatness but at least stop the downward spiral in the US.

If Trump turns out to be another inside job it's going to really piss people off. They will lose all hope of any peaceful resolution to the US's problems.

Sir Sweetstick said...


bicebicebice said...

"If Trump turns out to be another inside job it's going to really piss people off. They will lose all hope of any peaceful resolution to the US's problems."

Same thing in western europe with our anti-sap immigration parties. If it doesnt happen this time, i think the shit will hit the fan! No more patience.

melon head
A large headed creature thats runs around Wisner road in Kirtland screaming.
Holy shit that was a melon head.
by the prophet June 07, 2004

Jesus was a white man from Oxford.

Sam said...

Now I've just seen something that makes me question that Trump is real. I must admit the psy-ops on these guys is fantastic. I can't decide what's up or down. It's not that I can't detect deception it's just there's so much of it in so many places it's difficult to stop at any one point and make a decision. By design I'm sure. What makes me question is this guy named STEVE PIECZENIK I've heard of and saw on a video linked from the Roger Stone video. So Stone is a melonhead and Steve is Jewish. All shilling for Trump and I don't trust melonheads or Jews. Hmmm...The Steve is apparently the typical Jew he knows everyone and is involved in everything and is an expert in all things. Meaning I don't trust him. He seems reasonable at first but if you listen to him for a while he supposedly is so talented that it's hard to believe that he's for real. So he's probably not. Also there seems to be an immense effort to hang the whole mess of the last 15 years or so on Bush Sr., the Clintons and Bush Jr. Problem is they had a LOT of help and I don't hear them talking about that.

I'm convinced of one thing and one thing only. Henry David Thoreau said,“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” The Jews are the root.

Whatever the truth may be if Trump stops mass illegal immigration, steadies up the US's immense trade imbalance, winds up some of these absurd wars and puts at least a few of the 9-11 criminals in their place it will at least be a start. It will also probably mean the Jews will have to back up a few steps.

HalibetLector said...

Now I've just seen something that makes me question that Trump is real.

He's a politician. "Real" isn't one of the options. Trump isn't shy about his support for Israel.

"I have a Jewish daughter. This wasn’t in the plan, but I’m very glad it happened,” Trump said at the event, held in Manhattan. On Israel, he said, “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever."

That in and of itself doesn't bother me, since all candidates are pro-israel. The only benefit Trump brings to US politics is that he's saying things that need to be said. He's stoking nationalist fires. Talk about building a wall and deporting Muslims, Mexicans and Blacks is no longer considered fringe nutcase speak. Everybody is talking about it now.

If the fact he's not taking anybody's money to run means we have a president with fewer strings tied to him, great. If he actually manages to get the wall built and the right people deported, even better. If not, then it's business as usual. When the worst case scenario is the status quo, there's no downside.

bicebicebice said...

Sorry, i am from the future and forget the link: hehe!