Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What Happened To Peak Oil?

I was making fun of these Peak Oil and Fossil Fuel nuts a decade ago on their own forums.

You should see the coal veins here in Australia. They stretch for hundreds upon hundreds of miles. Enough cheap energy to tide us over for a couple thousand years if we had sane people as leadership. We could gradually phase it out and replace it with thorium depending on how long it takes to gravitate to that industry.

We don't have sane people as leaders. While they blather on about ephemera as meaningless as Catholic purgatory the world lurches towards WW3 with blinders on.

There is no energy crisis. There's just Saudi bank accounts and they did well telling people oil was limited and came from dead dinosaur bones.

The Russians ran hot steam through their old wells and they were shortly thereafter producing the same yields they had in the beginning. They weren't running dry, they were just clogged. Some sort of abiotic hydrocarbon reaction produced by pressure or heat in the earth makes oil. Sometimes it gets polluted with old biological matter when they are pumping it out. That is a contaminant but has nothing to do with its origins.

I think a lot of these fake crises that people focus their neurotic anxieties on are a displacement for their real fears and they tend to be drawn towards milquetoast threats they can cope with. Most men and women nowadays can't think about things like nuclear war, too scary and they are too low on testosterone to demonstrate any martial virtues. So they displace their fears onto cheesy crap like Peak Oil and globowarmthinkery. The effeminate alternative to real apocalyptic threats. If you don't believe me just try bringing up the real world with a lot of these people. They go pale and sweaty like they have seen a ghost. Most of them can't cope even with fake neurotic manufactured crises.


Ragnor said...

Is curled hair a strictly negro gene? How come negros have very curled hair but most whites and especially Asians have straight hair? But 'Thals have a somewhat curled hair type? Why could this be?
Maybe the genes involved in expressing early thal-cro magnon mixes(Asperger's slave children) be necessarily mixed up also with the cromag(negroid)genes, causing somewhat negroid gene expression in some areas?

August said...

I have an impression that some folks just can't believe how bad the fed is, but they can believe in running out of something. Most people have run out of stuff for various reasons; few are capable of the big lie- I mean they can support the big lie, but they can't imagine it not being true, nor can they imagine creating it.

Ragnarocc said...

Were Neanderthals white? What was their eye and hair pigmentation? I find it interesting that many monkeys are light-skinned and have all colors of fur but the bigger and smarter great apes are mostly black fur, dark skin. And so are most humans except white people and albinos(are white people albinos?
These snow monkeys are so light that they are pink or red. There is one dominant male in society in their culture, and the dominion is passed on to one of his sons, the children of that dominant male enjoy special societal priveleges.
Chimps are perhaps colored more like Asians, with the almost light skin, sorta like a lattesque color and very black hair.

bicebicebice said... lol!

bicebicebice said... the germans are doing it again!

cbenediccengi said...

I live in Alberta. Where the fuck to even begin. This exact same drop happened in 07/08 and the morons jumped back on the band wagon and instantly forgot about.

I got in a huge argument with a bunch of Zio-learned leftists at a party last weekend. It resulted in one the wool donors repeating 'the Canadian government will pay my pension..It's a right! It's a right!' I just kept asking how? We're broke.
Their amygdalas just snapped and they went into tunnel vision. What a sight.

I told my sister at the beginning of this year that it was the worst time in Canadian history to buy a Condo. Her coke sniffing, single mother bitch of a 'friend' who is a real estate agent convinced her otherwise. Bought in at the absolute peak, like the biggest suckers of all.

I swear I must have been adopted. My entire family and most people are Saps. And like you said, they are literally incapable of learning.

Canadians are self hating, gun hating, lazy, nigger loving, muslim loving, Jew-goggled morons. Smug, self-righteous pricks. The herd needs a culling at this point.

Texas Arcane said...


Neanderthals lived through countless ice ages and endless inhospitable regions at temperatures that would kill Eskimos. You tell me what color they were. You just picked the red pill.

Texas Arcane said...


Curled hair in Africans is a heat sink to distribute it away from the head.

Totally different hair than the weird curls seen in Neanderthals. More like Apaches or some Islanders.

No early pattern baldness for obvious reasons. Exogamous matriarchy where women may have stayed fertile into their nineties. Important for males to keep that Fabio look. Good looks in general come from Neanderthals and their genes have decidedly greater symmetry throughout the whole body.

Ragnarocc said...

Great responses Mr. Arcane.
Sorry to inconvenience you, but could you make me aware of examples of this weird curling?
Perhaps Mr. Von Braun is an example of this sort of curling?