Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Real Target List for Nuclear War

Australians are always scoffing at me and telling me that population centres and civilian infrastructure aren't worth wasting a nuke on because military targets are the imperative.

Wrong, Aussies. The civilians and cities are the main targets in a nuclear war, not secondaries. Herman Kahn was the first to explain why concentrating on military targets would be a loser's strategy in a nuclear conflict. Nuclear wars aren't like conventional wars and never will be. It is an entire order of magnitude removed from a conventional war.

Work the logic out for yourself. Nuclear war strategists did a half a century ago.

Military targets are no longer targets without people to man them. The population is the primary objective, not "another" target. Nuclear War is Klausewitzian. It is winner-take-all. This isn't two armies plinking at one another with mortars. It is total war. The loser gets extinction. Your enemy loses if he has no civil defense program and therefore no civilians left to man any of his infrastructure. What good is a missile silo with nobody to push the button inside of it?

Choosing to live without civil defense is choosing oblivion for a nation. That's just the reality of the situation. I didn't make it that way ... but I am bright enough to work that conclusion out for myself. So are the people who choose primary targets in thermonuclear warfare. The days when the United states could claim military superiority in waging a nuclear war are long, long gone as a deterrent force. The only thing the United States has left is the Megiddo option ... Cobalt-60 tipped warheads originally meant to never be used, now left as the only viable response. Make sure that shelter is deep, Vault-Dwellers. The cobalt death shroud is not science fiction. It is the climax of the next World War.

War happens because economic misery makes the continuation of life under debt burdens untenable. It's the oldest reason for war and the biggest indicator that war is pending. This time it really will be the mother of all wars. All previous wars will seem trivial in comparison.


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Every proper Melon knows what you need wars to weed out the nimrods, make some money, build a nice SHTF-bunker with that cheddar. How else you gonna enter a New Golden Age? There are only room for two kinds of people on the Pyramid, the gods and the clods. The middle class is occupying a space that was not meant to be occupied.

The world-wide Melon Saunda Club don't care about nations, they have always been global and scoff at Thals who fiercely protect their turf.

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Jeff Nyquist on Update Brazil, "Weapons of Mass Destruction"