Monday, December 21, 2015

The Genes From Neanderthals Are The Genes For Intelligence

The proof is already found and Vault-Co has already been vindicated.

Notice the two genetic sets clearly vie with one another for supremacy as stem cells in controlling development. Basal brain stem cells, very important very early on in the child, activated for whatever reason, including drinking sodium lye at just the right age. They come from two different species and only one of them can win, unless they both interrupt development by competing ... as we have discussed here many, many times ...
Remarkably, they found that some of the same genes that influence human intelligence in healthy people were also the same genes that cause impaired cognitive ability and epilepsy when mutated, networks which they called M1 and M3.
These genes can end up competing for amygdala development, the most critical structure at the centre of the brain, stifling it's development altogether, in which case you grow up to be a flaming liberal nutjob. Don't think the media could possibly spin this into anything else but what it is? Check out the headline on this article. The anterior cingulate is the Vanilla Ice of the brain. It's a joke. If your amygdala is missing but your anterior cingulate has developed in response to it's absence, you might as well have had somebody blow the middle of your head out with a shotgun at some point. Your brain cannot be considered to be anything but severely defective if the amygdala is missing. It is critical in hazard avoidance, the prime function of the mammalian and reptilian nervous system. It is like a doctor examined a child and declared "They are missing their eyes, ears, heart and lungs but are otherwise fine. They should do well without these larger 'primitive structures,' thank goodness."
Liberals and left wing out-patients are proud of their anterior cingulates.
 Pity about the rest of the brain.


Phelps said...

Remember too that the ACC is primarily about remembering pain, failure, and social ostracism. That is why they are so risk averse -- they can't forget any loss or failure, and dwell on it constantly. It's also why they hold grudges so much and have so much envy instead of moving on with their lives.

Texas Arcane said...


Your point is extremely well taken.

When seeing anything that others have, instead of being inspired they instead lapse into envy. This speaks of a deep feeling of inferiority and incapacity to accomplish anything.

So I have been a serial failure for 50 years and every time I see a self-made man I still think that what he did, I can also do. I am only inspired by the successes of others. I am particular in that I am not impressed by anybody who succeeds by collective action but rather people who literally lift themselves by their own bootstraps.

theepilgrim said...

It's very interesting that the article is from 2010 and there's been little to no follow-up from mainstream media or science since. You would think, if leftoids actually believed that this was vindication of their intellectual superiority, they'd be gloating about it non-stop and demanding more funding for this research.

But it seems even they acknowledge, on some level, what an atrophied amygdala really means. Spin it once, hope that most people don't think about it too much (odds are favoured), and bury it down the memory hole. We can't have the peasants catch wind that their appointed leaders in government, media and academia have vacancy signs where their amygdalae should be.

FrankNorman said...

It's been obvious to me for over 20 years why Leftist/Establishment science, despite pretending to worship intelligence, doesn't really want to research it seriously:
All actual research would lead to conclusions that contradict their egalitarian ideology.

For example - the prefrontal cortex is more developed in Caucasians than in Negroes. White people simply have more brain, where it counts.
This amygdala stuff is more of the same - though this time it's white liberals who come short, compared to white conservatives.
(I'd be interested to know how sub-saharan Africans score, amygdala-wise. Better than white liberals, I predict!)