Sunday, December 6, 2015

San Bernardino - High Tech Can't Help Low I.Q. Fakirs

They just are not up to snuff. This is the MTV generation and they are not qualified for proper Psy-Ops staging.

This whole thing is so fake that it would only go over on a population so stupid they'd believe anything - Americans.

When you see some of the photos of the "victims," the photoshopping is worse than the doctored photographs in the Soviet Union that cut out ostracised party members. Sixty years of advances in technology and they have still got that awkward stilted paper doll cutout look to them. Always behind or to one side of the people in the photo so there are fewer shadows to paint on.

Crimes scenes now open to the general public and on display for people to wander through like a haunted house. "Feel this spaghetti! These are the entrails of the victims of the eeeeeevil witch!"

Color coded stretchers for crisis drills to show what fake dummies go to which team for "Treatment." Notice there is a lot of "milling" around in this area despite there being nothing to do here. No bodies on the stretchers and so that means whatever these people are doing is simply designed to look like "activity." Classic crisis drill.


deadman said...

The Russians are talking about ISIL / Turkey / Saudi oil links.
Better distract the simple folk!

- deadman

Grogard said...

Everyone but muslims are on the watch list. What's insane is they are allowed in the country at all.

bicebicebice said...

Haha the media in the apartment...

bicebicebice said...

nfoe said...

Link: Separate brain areas rule concentration and distraction (2007)

Just in case anyone was wondering.