Sunday, December 13, 2015

Renowned Expert On Nuclear Warfare Says American Arsenal Is a Thirty Year Old Pile of Junk

Right here.

If you listen to the average man you can see mentally he is stuck forever in the year 1977. They just never moved on. They pretend to be able to learn and sound like Oprah Winfrey always declaring epiphanies on a daily basis. The truth is that the common mind closed up in the late 70's and the majority of the people born since have failed to learn anything at all about anything. When they speak it sounds like an old television broadcast from the late 1970's except with all the brains, insight and integrity stripped out. The modern era is really a vacuum that represents the complete absence of the good, which is worse than merely bad.

International metrics of human productivity were released in 2010 with great consternation when the hard facts revealed overwhelming evidence that not only had the Australians failed to increase their productivity since the year 1975 but that the introduction of computers into the workplace had no effect on productivity whatsoever in the following 40 years afterwards. Stop and think about the gulf that would have to exist in the Australian mind between what they think they have been doing during these many decades and what they have actually been doing during this time. The only reason I mention this is because I believe the gulf in the American mind between what they think their military power is and what it really is would be one hundred times that abyss. Russia will clean these people's clocks. They are living in a dream world.

The Sunday Supplements of the late 60's predicted the era we live in now and they said it would presage the Third World War. Those articles I read fifty years ago were right.


bicebicebice said...

It will go nuclear when the saps overrun white countries and the worlds nuclear reactors fall into shambles. Even the japs are fucking it up nowadays. #blacklivesdestroymatter

Sam said...

bicebicebice said,"...#blacklivesdestroymatter"

That's a good one. It's indisputably true. Blacks are going through the housing in our cities like locust through farmers fields.

I look at all these old buildings in Detroit and Baltimore and marvel at what nice places they could be to live in. Maybe buy two houses and dismantle one for materials to refurbish the second.

styrac1 said...