Monday, December 21, 2015

Prologue To A Low Budget Zombie Movie

Found right here.

I'm always stunned by the blithe acceptance of the pursuit of these sciences.

It's like inviting a passenger to come to the deck of the Titanic and give the wheel a spin.

"Wheee! I'm steering the whole thing with one little finger! Look at me!"

The assumption is ... this should be pretty risk-free. I think we're okay. We'll leave her at the helm and let's go below decks and get a cup of coffee. Remember, if you see anything, be sure to give us a holler.


Luke said...

What do you think of SpaceX's successful landing today Tex?

bicebicebice said...

@ Luke
Sounds like the martian chronicles, it is a good thing Tex is working on a vault and not a rocket, I don't know how the space broadband is coming along, but I don't think he could live with going back to 28k modem speed again.
No rice in the universe would protect you from that ITZ.

Jebediah Kerman said...

May Allah - Or Jesus, doesn't matter how you call him - punish them in the hereafter.
Look what they do:
Good that you left this place because they are batshit crazy. Let them put rainbows on their white house and be destroyed by the wrath of God. Be it by zombies, third world war, or anything else. Pretty sure they'll not survive.

Sam said...

SpaceX success will very soon cut their cost close to half for launches. They're already the lowest cost launcher for their capabilities. Their fuel cost is only around $200,000 per launch. Think of the savings. Probably within two years or so they will start recovering the second stage. Lots of profit.

styrac1 said...