Friday, December 11, 2015

Predicted on Vault-Co in 2002

A bug that went full communist.

How did species jumping bacteria and viruses become so common? A few short years ago it was well understood science that interspecies infections were extraordinarily rare. Now a decade later nearly every single flu and cold virus looks like it had pig or poultry spliced into it.

They're practicing. Getting ready to impose Georgia Guidestones edict numero uno. Academics are routinely caught on camera nowadays openly chuckling in front of their mutual admiration entourages about how many people they are going to exterminate and how many different ways they have to kill the "surplus" population. Just as transparent and available are the various levels of implementation that will eliminate the "aristocrats" below them who have done their job as useful idiots. The New World Order tells all it's minions they are indispensable but when the time comes they will be chewed up quicker than the climax of an Austin Powers film. Each level in turn will eliminate the one beneath it until it is nothing but Irving Cristol playing with his puppies on the carpet and dead cities outside with tumbleweeds blowing through the streets.

Another angle they are working on is vanishing water supplies. Engineered scarcity hoax. Death by media outlet. There's no water crisis. There never was. Once you cut off water you're really in control. If you read the article, you will see "scientists" have "discovered" this water crisis through satellites that "measure the gravity fields of Earth." This strange new field of physics and science has emerged without much fanfare, apparently the largest scientific breakthrough in human history without any press coverage.


bicebicebice said...

Half a billion left, sounds like an all "white"/archaic planet, number wise at least, sort of. You should read this book. What if they all voluntarily offed themselves? What if they want to? Maybe the saps live in perpetual torment seeing as the they dont have souls. How can they live on snowball earth with dark skin? You once said: The inner expression of a race of men will inevitably manifest itself in the external world around them.

Pull all foreign "aid" and let them fish for themselves, you got 3 billion dead right there in a month. Foreign "aid" creates artifical sap populations that destroy everything. A war in the west/muslim uprising and the shipments will stop anyway. Saps arent even allowed in eastern european countries. Why feed our enemies? God knows they dont stay in their own countries/continents. They are biologically compelled to migrate into whitey country and kick him dead in the streets and rape his women.
Foreign aid is just bondage anyway.

Dave, RN said...

I'll bet colloidal nano silver would take care of it...

deadman said...

This retard even wants to ban guns from police,
cause they make her 'feel badz' :

It’s Time to Ban Guns. Yes, All of Them.

- deadman

bob k. mando said...

a - e. coli is bacteria, not a virus. and a near universal bacteria in warm blooded animals at that

b - the rise of antibiotic resistant strains is not only NOT a surprise, it's been predicted for decades now. we KNEW this was coming because of the near universal practice in the west of adding antibiotics to feed as a growth forcing factor. ( livestock raised on +antibiotic are typically ~10-25% larger than a feed only raised stock animal for the same length of time, even without the addition of Hormone Growth factors ). exactly the kind of short sighted stupidity *you* would expect out of saps, Tex. over prescribing of antibiotics by doctors and patients not bothering to take their entire cycle of antibiotics also drive the development of resistant bacterial/fungal strains, but these are subsidiary to the larger feed issue.

c - cross species infection has been going on forever. the Black Death jumps to humans from rats via flea. anthrax jumps from herbivores to predators / humans all the time. armadillos are leprosy reservoirs. almost all vertebrates are susceptible to malaria. the original smallpox vaccine was ... a COWpox infection. if rabies didn't jump species, we wouldn't had have to shoot Ol Yeller.

d - to the extent that people thought that cross-species infection was rare, well, duh. disease expression and severity usually varies greatly depending on the species infected. couple that with the knowledge that the West had no idea that viruses even existed until the 1700s and didn't actually isolate them until the early 1900s, yeah.

this is not to say that there aren't some right thinking SJW gene splicers hard at work somewhere looking for a way to wipe out most of the human race. i'm almost certain there are. there's nothing a Marxist Socialist loves better than a huge pile of human bodies.

i just don't think *this* is the evidence you want to use to *prove* that assertion.

bicebicebice said...

If melonheads are city thals and saps their engineered soldiers for revenge or something, would it be a bad thing? How can one even stop something like that when the "victims" dont even really care??? If i elaborated i think i might just repeat myself. Hope you get the gist of it. The number one top voted comment on any nukey/doomsday is always " oh boy that sounds terrible i wish i died first " + 100000000000 upvotes. hehe!

Sam said...

12 Monkeys. I can see some SJW doing this some day. Whining about how the animals are oppressed by Humanity. CRISPER makes it even more likely to happen. Due to CRISPER genetic engineering is about to explode in leaps in bounds. Dramatic increase. It a shame they want to destroy us because with CRISPER i could see the planet becoming a much better place. Wheat berry trees that have shells like pecans. Meat could be grown like cantaloupes so we wouldn't have to slaughter animals.

styrac1 said...

We don't even need those glasses from THEY LIVE to see them anymore, they are in plain sight.