Monday, December 21, 2015

Paul Craig Roberts Kicks It Out Of the Stadium

I mostly listen to Joel Skousen but this is so good you must listen if you are a survivalist.

I still agree with Skousen. We're in the chute now but there is still some time to get ready. It is rapidly appearing to be the case that WW3 is as certain as sunrise and taxes.


styrac1 said...

Joel Skousen is a moron

"Golitsyn and Cleon Skousen’s nephew, Joel Skousen, have gone as far as to claim the collapse of the Soviet Union was a clever ruse designed to lull America and the West into a false sense of security so that the “communist agenda” might continue, with no one the wiser."

Texas Arcane said...


It was a ruse to get money. They were broke. They also got a chance to install a KGB officer as the chief executive. It was planned for twenty years in advance as an emergency measure if they ran out of money. It's actually not as sinister as it sounds and was partly an act of desperation to keep the country from collapsing under Communism. It worked very well. I think now that Russia is revived economically with the jackboot of socialism lifted they have little interest in another World War. The U.S. is driving that now.

styrac1 said...

So you actually believe that the collapse of the Soviet Union was "fake", that the Russians losing half their population, 1/3 of their territory, their former seceding republics turning into NATO/US vassals were some part of a grand master plan by the KGB? I guess you must believe then that the IMF and Soros are in the business of helping people and nations to fix their economies.

I'm sorry, but do you hear yourself?

What ruse to "get money" when the whole country was pillaged, stripped of all its assets FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE US with its population and life expectancy declining so rapidly that it has yet to recover completely. Clowns like Skousen, Nyqyist and the Bircher morons are typical patriotards that as the article suggests resort to these ridiculous theories in order to conceal the fact and not admit that "good America" is the real cause of so much evil around the world, and that the crimes of the Clintons were done for the benefit...of Russia.

"It worked very well"

Russia under Putin revived despite of it not because of it while this dumb theory of yours suggests it would have revived no matter what, regardless of who would be in charge. Why then remind me they are going out of their way to remove Putin? So that Russia becomes an impoverished US vassal oligarch-run state again that poses no threat to the US attempt to impose global tyranny, clearly another clever KGB, or is it FSB, plot 2.0.

This is not less ridiculous than suggesting that the US losing WW II and the following occupation of the US by Japan and Germany in THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE was part of some clever US plot to revive the country.

Why don't you do some actual reading based on facts instead on relying on pathological Russophope hacks and liars?

Sam said...

"...What ruse to "get money" when the whole country was pillaged, stripped of all its assets FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE US..."

No for the Jews. Average US citizen got nothing from this like most aspects of the US empire. All we get is the bill.

styrac1 said...

@ Sam

They went to great lengths to suppress and never allow Anne Williamson's book to be printed.