Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ian Murdock, The Champion of Open Source & Standards

This guy was an enormous force for good in the world, like Aaron Swartz.

People who think one person doesn't matter turn out to be wrong when these sorts of men vanish. It usually becomes obvious that they were one in a million and were having a profound effect on the general zeitgeist just by hanging around. I am convinced this is why they "suicided" Swartz.

This guy was constantly pushing the idea of open source behind the scenes until it became something standard in most good developer's minds. The MIT license is really the only one that matters and that is why Vault-OS will be released under it.

UPDATE: As more comes out, this looks like the police ruined this man's life in a single night for knocking on his neighbor's door to ask him to keep the noise down. This links to an archive that has been mysteriously deleted on the live page. It's all very, very suspicious stuff like the death of Swartz. The "police" in the "United States" sound more and more like the "police" in Mexico every single day.


MycroftJones said...

Disagree. 2-clause ISC license is best.

Aeoli Pera said...

Whoa, that's one of the biggest braincases I've ever seen.

Sam said...

What's odd is that people think that just getting hit by the police immediately makes White people suicidal. This is stupid. It makes them MAD not suicidal. This guy was a millionaire he could have used money to fight back. This is the opposite from learned helplessness and the mental state for suicide. Someone on Slashdot said that after the ranting began the email address he posted under was different from the one he usually used. Tell?

Takudzwa Aywok said...

I think it's pretty clear now that the 12 tribes of Israel were Neanderthals.
Take a look at that :

> the term "Sea Peoples" is commonly used to refer to the following nine peoples, in alphabetical order:[10][11]
the Denyen, identified by some with the Greek Danaoi and by others with the Israelite tribe of Dan;

>A minority view first suggested by Yigael Yadin attempted to connect the Denyen with the Tribe of Dan, described as remaining on their ships in the early Song of Deborah
>There are suggestions that the Denyen joined with Hebrews to form one of the original 12 tribes of Israel. No strong evidence support this view, however.
The most famous Danite was Samson, whom some suggest is derived from Denyen tribal legends.
>According to the biblical account, Samson was given supernatural strength by God in order to combat his enemies and perform heroic feats[2] such as killing a lion, slaying an entire army with only the jawbone of an ass, and destroying a pagan temple.


Takudzwa Aywok said...

>Samson had two vulnerabilities, however: his attraction to untrustworthy women and his hair, without which he was powerless. These vulnerabilities ultimately proved fatal for him.

sounds neanderthal as HELL

Texas Arcane said...


You will never guess what my wife's name is.

Takudzwa Aywok said...

I'd be willing to bet 11$ that it is Delilah
OR a female version of "Samson" (if it does exist)

Ja D said...


Sir Sweetstick said...

I wouldn't be surprised if this poor fellow was on some kind of anti-depressant and his experience with the police tipped him into a spiral of depression.

bicebicebice said... hehe!

bicebicebice said...

styrac1 said...

weev has written an excellent blog entry on why people like Ian and Aaron are suicided by the system.

People in the computing industry are nerds and enthusiasts who like to work on what they love most, they lack will to power or political agenda and they are exploited and murdered by people who have both.

There are powerful economic political interests that want to keep the computing industry divided and docile, using the exact same methods to do it they used previously on nations. People like George Soros

styrac1 said...

That woman is insane

FrankNorman said...

Hi Tex, here's something of interest:

Takudzwa Aywok said...

Correction, probably only the tribe of Dan was Thallish

And The tribe of Dan in a passage of the bible where every tribes of Israel are listed was not included... I heard because they were spiritually weak and after, started worshipping serpents.
Seems likely to be true because I heard the serpent cult was all about ruling over other races and it seems understandable that, after all that happened neanderthals would end up attracted to this.

bicebicebice said...

The bongo-bongo party has started!

Pretty impossible to cover up sap behaviour, saps gonna sap.

bicebicebice said... check...check....check.....check....( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ave said...

>Seems likely to be true because I heard the serpent cult was all about ruling over >other races and it seems understandable that, after all that happened neanderthals >would end up attracted to this.

I don't know. Do you want to rule over all ?

I couldn't give a damn. Especially ruling over Sapiens people pumped up with hormones. Might as well try to micromanage a real snake orgy instead :

Aeoli Pera said...


weev has written an excellent blog entry on why people like Ian and Aaron are suicided by the system.

Thanks for that. Probably the suicide was real but possibly these guys are psy-ops targets.

Takudzwa Aywok said...

>I don't know. Do you want to rule over all ?

What tells you that, for them to have been attracted to this religion they would have needed to have the need or urge or to love the idea of ruling over all?
It could as well have been that, having read about this religion and having observed that they were indeed a distinct and superior (in some ways) people, they would have considered this religion as the one to be the likeliest to be true or at least to have had some truth in it and have felt because of this a certain attraction to it.

And then, something i've observed about Thals is that they have a tendency to be pagans and to worship other gods and things.
Ted Kaczynski would, everytime he would kill a rabbit say "Thank you grandfather rabbit" and many things indicate that Neanderthals worshipped cave bears.
>such as the Sami, Nivkh, Ainu,[1] and pre-Christian Basques and Finns.

Edward said...

I reckon I've roughly worked out how to construct a religion for a 'perfect' human culture/civilisation based on understanding human biology and psychology.
It's more like an insect colony with a queen bee, various casts of workers, mate selection based on cast and guaranteed psychological/sexual compatibility, open and honest communication channels and recreational sexual favours as rewards for good behaviour.
You wouldn't need a monetary system and the population would only expand at an environmentally sustainable rate.
Wish I could code up some kind of simulator to see how it would play out over many iterations.

Edward said...

The Jews are screwed up by their religion, and their religion screwed them up. I'm not sure which came first, but they are basically biologically/memetically configured to be parasites. They extract the wealth of a host civilisation by gradually driving it more and more left wing, until it collapses under its own weight. They do this not by force but by mass social engineering, and probably blackmail of the higher ups.
When the whole thing is about to go tits up people wise up and eject them or they move on to somewhere else, and let the Muslims come in and convert everyone back to a right wing structure by force.

It's the same pattern keeps repeating over history, who knows how long it's been going on.

They may not be the originators of their own religion either, but someone or something very clever set the whole system in motion a long time ago.

Maybe it's a necessary nursery stage in our evolution. We can only support a civilisational memeplex up to a given complexity, but if they can take the ideas/technologies from one civilisation to seed the next one we don't have to start from scratch next time around.
Human crop rotation I think you'd call it. After a few hundred years you need to wipe the slate clean and let a continent or two lie fallow for a time.
Russia is on the way up, China is now about at its apex, Europe is on the way out. The house, Israel, always wins. I noticed they've got a lot of technology research centres and chip fabs set up they're Someone has to maintain the real geniuses and the high tech knowledge once the USA infrastructure really crumbles.
The next time around no one will even remember a time before constant surveillance, wireless networking, and contactless payments or even RFID implants.
In the beginning was the Apple iPhone...

Texas Arcane said...


I personally believe that when hu-mans were genetically engineered to destroy Neanderthals, in addition to built-in failsafe devices a third hu-man was engineered to act as the ultimate foil. Anything they did manage to build up, these ones would tear down. To me it looks like a Chinese finger trap that Homo Sapiens will never escape. If they create anything worth stealing, these humans are drawn to it like you know what draws flies. They tear it to shreds and destroy everything and if you doubt that this is their purpose then ask why the hu-man prime doesn't react more strongly to them and refuse to admit them into his society. Hu-mans themselves have a desire to kiss the crack of their own destroyer's ass. They prevaricate and lie mostly to themselves to hide the truth of their lives from themselves. There is something about them that is just off and there has to be a reason for it. How did these crummy genes manage to arrive at this state? No natural forces produced hu-mans.