Tuesday, December 1, 2015

GMO Loses Against Truth

The scientist who published the original studies showing GMO food caused tumors in rats was nearly destroyed by vicious slanders initiated by deep pockets Monsanto. 

Read the article and you will see that Monsanto paid for two new positions at scientific trade journals to be created simply in response to this study. That's a corrupting influence when anybody has that kind of money and can even buy silence on their own actions to counter someone else's accusations. You can imagine how many toadies they have on payroll working for them pretending to be objective scientists at institutions.

The point of course, is ... avoid GMO food at all costs and demand labelling. Frankenfood kills.

Be especially careful when buying storage food to make sure you aren't stacking poison up in your pantry for emergencies. It would be a crying shame to survive the apocalypse and then have your storage food kill you.

Now you know why they built that seed vault. So after they are done culling the herd they will still have a way to revert to God's food before they mutated it all. They are especially fond of the idea of being able to control the world's last healthy seeds and make people beg for it on their terms.

P.S. The guy who exposed the relationship between autism and vaccines was destroyed by this same crowd of "scientism" thugs. They are no different from the Inquisition except they cannot legally torture at this time. They are working on that restriction now at the Paris conference.

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KW Jackson said...

Monsanto, the jewish family, whose coffers were filled by running slaves.