Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Euthanasia for Children On Verge of Being Approved In Belgium

The Nazis did as much but they were monsters. When modern people do it they are just watching medical costs. They're going to watch them very carefully.

These people believe the law will be perfected when the only exemptions are the ruling class and their offspring. Everybody else gets the needle.

California will be returned to the desert. It will become the roost of crows and slithering things. With mandatory vaccinations this former paradise can be regarded as a breakaway province which has torn up the Constitution and is now just passing random legislation based on hardcore Bolshevist principles. The real brains will not stay. I was just an early adopter of the U-Haul policy.

They just make it all up now. Everything you see on televitz is green-screened or CGI. These reporters are to be commended for using real props for a change instead of generic backgrounds. The colony is in trouble for spying on it's ruling empire.

Too late to say they are sorry. That water has done it's job but it's job was never to prevent tooth decay. It was zombification juice and it worked extremely well. A diseased satanic wasteland designed to revert to mud huts and meat eaten raw. The melonheads win. They had that beef ever since Atlantis but they are getting it all back now. Everything in it's place, Homo Sapiens back into his animal stall, they ascend as "them who wish not to be named." Enkidu appears to have accomplished nothing by slaying Humbaba, merely delayed the inevitable. The beast will go back in his pen where he was manufactured and a handful of Neanderthals are not going to stop it.


Sitara said...

Tex what do you make of this? This has to be a prank or hoax, because otherwise the similarities between the Sumerian Tablet and a modern cellphone are too incredible to believe:

bicebicebice said...

These include dyslexia, ADHD, autism and Asperger's syndrome


Texas Arcane said...


... an extension of their existing sexual practices. Given control of their own genetics, hu-mans would wipe intelligence out of their own gene pool in three generations. They are almost there now.

Intelligence is not native to Homo Sapiens and has never been selected for by them sexually. It is a dysgenic trait with the hu-mans as far as they are concerned.