Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Brachycranial Is Just A Synonym For Melonhead


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My father and I used to hunt for groundhogs around an old mound in Fishersville, Virginia. These things are all over the place, sticking up out of otherwise flat fields. The original colonists couldn't excavate them in many cases so they just planted around them.

Homo Sapiens isn't the peak of evolution. He's a cloned, imitation lite-brand slave/servant/soldier created by grinding down Neanderthal genes into a miniature bonsai-tree version. He is not evolving into a higher form of life - he is rapidly devolving as conditions promote his worst genes and his grafted brain size is deflating like a leaky balloon. At the end of the day, this is normally a cold planet and he is not adapted to it.  All the races look poorly adjusted to long term survival on Earth. His only strength is his zombie clone collectivism and once he has to prove his own mettle he doesn't survive long apart from the group. Neanderthals, by contrast, thrive anywhere alone or in small tribes. There isn't a place on this planet no matter how inhospitable that Neanderthals can't change into a terrestrial paradise with only a few years to work. That's your original man there, not a cheap copy from mass production.


Edward said...

The most 'extreme male' melonhead celebrity I've spotted thus far is Powers Boothe. I wonder what his IQ is like.

Eric Green said...

Link is broken, just points to "here".

Meanwhile, Roberts thinks WW3 is inevitable:

The Anglo-Zionists (USA/UK/Israel) can't back down because it would kill their empire, but all other roads lead to war against Russia. Western warmongers know this which is why they're trying to isolate Russia from its SCO partners. Recent false-flag attacks attributed to Anglo-Zionist sock puppet "ISIS" were intended to justify invasion of Syria. The IMF just announced forgiveness of all debts owed to Russia by the illegitimate Nazi state Ukraine. I can't see how this doesn't end in a nuclear smackdown except in the case of sudden western economic failure/natural disaster/mass ecological collapse. If I were the Russians I'd have some SLBMs in the Arctic zeroed in on Yellowstone so the first salvo would blow North America to hell.

bicebicebice said...

bicebicebice said...

Takudzwa Aywok said...

Related: In islam it is predicted that soon will come some sort of a lucifer, muslim version called the "Dajjal", that will accomplish great things and hold great knowledge and use it to get people to praise him. It is also said that his right eye will be completely blind and that he will thus only have one eye. Some occult writings say that the right eye represents the heart and that the left eye represent the mind/concrete thinking.

A hadith says that he will be a giant red-haired or red-skinned creature and that he is right now restrained by very strong "chains" which will break when the day will come.

I think that the quran is pretty clearly talking of a melonhead or at least melonheads in general, or the new world order. The bible says that the "serpent" that, if I remember correctly has been "thrown in the pit" or something like that will be released temporarily.

Since i'm very bad with english and thus probably write my posts so as to make so that most of those who are reading it will perceive my idea as a completely stupid and ridiculous one, here are links:

Interesting part:
"As to the Antichrist, now listen, I will explain to you the reality on the basis of the clear and pure revelation that I have received. Then understand, my dear ones, that it has been disclosed to me that the reference to the Antichrist as one individual is not designed to indicate his personal individuality, but his unity as a class, meaning thereby that in that class there will be a unity of ideas as is, indeed, indicated by the word Dajjal itself and in this name there are many Signs for those who reflect. The meaning of the word Dajjal is a chain of deceptive ideas, the links of which are so attached to each other as if it was a structure of equal-sized bricks of the same colour, quality and strength, some of them firmly overlapping others and further strengthened by being plastered from outside"

Ave said...

Adnan Khashoggi, some rich guy, has a large, somewhat oddly shaped head.

tenor_general said...

Tex, I find myself in a position where I have access to an old, vast collection of books. Would you be able to supply me with the titles you have read, which influenced your theories on ancient peoples so that I may try to find and read them?