Monday, December 28, 2015

Are We Still Conspiracy Nuts

Russia says no. We're not.

There never was an "Al Quaeda." (Arabic slang for "The Toilet.")

There never was an "ISIS." (Would Islamic radicals name their organization after a pagan "goddess" in Mesopotamia? Never.)

There are only U.S. and Israeli funded agent provocateurs. The handful of real radicals in the Middle East are on the payroll and always have been. That's why they feature U.S. weapons, U.S. strategic allegiances for the region and pursue U.S. aims and goals.

Nothing makes any rational sense anymore despite what the televitz is telling you.

These guys are mainly inspired by "Cobra Command" on the old G.I. Joe Saturday morning show and "Hydra" in Marvel comic books. They bear no resemblance to real terrorists outside of Golan and Globus fantasy fiction.

Road bandits interfered with the progress of civilization for centuries in Europe. Nobody could invest in an economy or expect a fair return on their own labor when bandits in the forests could seize whatever attempted to pass through it and often kill those transporting goods. One of the primary obstacles to establishing sanity during the Dark Ages was the plethora of people who camped out on roads and footpaths waiting for people to try to cross safely. The cops are rapidly becoming the greatest criminals of them all and the biggest threat to public safety and liberty. This is what barbarism looks like and you ain't seen nothing yet. Bolshevism is a nation wrecker and never fails to reduce countries to ashes.

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KW Jackson said...

There was an ISIS: Israeli State Intelligence Service, public name of Mossad.