Thursday, December 17, 2015

Another Eyewitness To Reggie Love Night-Time Booty Calls Retires The Amerikwan Way

Obama is cutting costs left and right, including pensions for former government employees.

You lie down with dogs, you gonna get up with fleas.


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Check this out too. I knew from the first moment that a missile fired from Israeli territory hit the plane, that the "bomb" on board was utter bullhsit and that both the White House AND the Kremlin were covering it up, the US for obvious reasons, and Russia because if the real culprit was revealed it would have to launch the nukes.

Texas Arcane said...


You are not just autistic and semi-retarded. You're an unstable and mentally ill person. Whatever attraction that this site seems to have for you it's time for you to go away and never come back. I am passing your explicit and graphic threats on to the local police who in turn will have no trouble tracing your IP.

I want you to consider the irony of repeatedly claiming that Homo Sapiens are good people but the peoples they exterminated were crazy, violent and evil ... and when I don't acknowledge or reply to these comments you issue graphic death threats against my wife and children. Very ugly stuff but you're probably a very ugly dude.

You have a fascination with me and this site that is clearly well into the mentally ill obsessive phase. If you check the top of that box you are looking at you will see a browser bar. Nothing is stopping you from surfing away and never coming back. The problem with people who are unemployable is that they are going to end up on the internet all day.

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Waiting for Google support to follow up and have reported your IP. I recommend you get yourself a good lawyer. If you are in Australia rest assured you are going to be found and prosecuted for the explicit threats that you sent me. Just waiting for a couple people to get back to me. If you have any sense at all (questionable) I advise you to stop posting anything to this forum and never surf here again for any reason. Whether you know it or not you crossed a line and you're in serious trouble for what you did. I am going to ask Google to also close the accounts of your family members on Google as a safety measure since you seem to share accounts with them at times. That is before the police locate you.