Tuesday, November 10, 2015

When A True Genius Appears In Your Midst, All Fools Are Allied Against Him

At the rate they are going, we should have some substantial medical progress in ten thousand years. Keep it up, fellows. Here is another fifty trillion dollars for research, can't wait to see what you "discover" next.

Linus Pauling's contemporaries hurled every ugly slur they could muster when he was alive, ridiculed his Vitamin C research and got even nastier once he was dead. Like with Dr. Atkins, they all claimed that because he died, this proved his ideas were wrong. What made these people think they were qualified for a career in science I can't possibly imagine.


dé bile said...

Did you just found out now?

bicebicebice said...

Funny, how all these good things that are good for you, are extremely cheap! I think the problem here is, that, gives melonheads cancer instead! We can't have that now can we?

I bought a years supply of vitamin c, 18 tubes 20 pills, for roughly 1 dollar a piece. Maybe I need to go to prison. :D

Sam said...

One thing in the paper is wrong. Oral Vitamin C can be absorbed "if" it is liposomal Vitamin C. You can make it yourself with an ultrasonic cleaner. The technology comes from drug companies finding a method to get drugs into the bloodstream. They use a higher cost method to make the liposomes. A guy at a non-profit medical research center thought up the idea of using a ultrasonic cleaner to do the same.

I, my Mom and Dad are taking Paulings Heart formula right now. My Dad had open heart surgery about two years ago. A few months ago he got blurry vision and became dizzy. He could only walk with a walker. Two days later he had a stroke. That's when I talked him into Pauling therapy. He took one large dose and could walk without the walker. He's getting better by taking lower doses and working up. There's Paulings book on this, a new one called "Practicing Medicine without a License" and there's also a book by a guy with clogged arteries who shows you the before and after angiograms where it cleared his arteries. The theory is very simple. Collagen is the largest tissue in the body. Vitamin C is needed to make collagen. Humans are one of the few animals that don't make Vitamin C so in reality we are in a state of mild scurvy all the time. It's a defect. Notice in heart disease it's always by the heart where the arteries clog up. Why not everywhere. Because the heart pumping creates little tears. Lp(a), part of LDL covers the tears to heal them. With large amounts of C, lysine and proline the C heals the tears and the Lysine and proline combine with the Lp(a) and remove it from the body. If you're over 40 or so you should be taking this every day.

However. Pauling was not perfect. One of his researchers found that large doses of vitamin C could cause certain kinds of cancer in rats. He fired him and destroyed all his research. I'm thinking that the natural H2O2 processes that your body uses to destroy cancer could be supressed by the anti-oxident properties of Vit. C. What I do is stop taking it for a couple days every week or so.

Lazer said...

Vitamin C is a necessary co-factor in the formation of collagen as well. I had a terrible left knee that ailed me for years. After upping my broccoli intake and rigorously working out the bad knee on a bicycle the knee no longer gives me trouble. Funny thing is I used to use it to tell when winter was coming as it would always flair up a day or two before the first snowfall.