Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Terrible "Fossil Fuel" Shortages!!

It's running out! We're at Peak Oil! There's barely any left and I am afraid I really have to jack the prices up on what I have left in stock! I am sorry, my hands are tied!

If people ever figured out how overpaid the Saudis are for crude that could just as easily be sourced anywhere on the planet (Nothing special about the Middle East for oil wells, that is a Zionist fable) they'd be rioting in the streets over gasoline prices. Thomas Gold was right. Oil is abiotic. Everything you think you know about the world is a bold-faced lie that pays off in cold hard cash for the liars telling it.

Thomas Gold is just another great genius that nobody listened to when he was alive and forgot him as soon as he died. How could the human race ever improve their conditions if they only listen to the counsel of fools and ignore every wise man and his God-given insight?


Ave said...

Since I can't extract oil by myself, it doesn't matter if Peak Oil is real or manufactured - I won't get enough.

Part of the die-off.

Thus people should configure their life to depend as little as possible on the stuff. the main problem being that our very food is made using oil & natural gas.

So, this might be the road to an engineered famine (like in my most excellent book "Glasses, Pulleys and the End of Bread" )

bicebicebice said...

FrankNorman said...

Tex, petroleum being abiotic doesn't mean there's an infinite amount of it, or that humanity can't exhaust the easily-accessible deposits.
And that doesn't cover coal - which unlike oil and natural gas, is almost certainly of biological origin.

Coal doesn't need millions of years to form though - some wooden structures a few centuries old have already coalified.

Texas Arcane said...


Have you ever visited a coal deposit?

There are veins here in Australia that run for hundreds of miles. There's enough coal to reliably power our current civilisation for the next ten thousand years, easily.

It's all a scam. There are no shortages of anything. There is no resource crisis. It doesn't exist.

I used to believe in it too when I was younger, like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. I outgrew that stuff.