Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Terminal Madness of the End Times : Entry #578-094372

This planet is a mental asylum and the patients are in charge.

The logical end of the long journey of social engineering to convince mankind that gender is a social construct.


It isn't.

I can imagine a future where psychotic serial rapists are going to be foremost in claiming they identify as women so they can get access to naked women in showers. If feminists complain while these naked guys with wigs masturbate staring at them they are going to be accused of transphobia. Of all the different sorts of mental illness it is feminism that will end in the most tears. I guarantee it. Ladies, if you come down off that pedestal where you were respected without exception as wives, mothers and daughters then you will find your trajectory will land you in a gutter where your life is utterly worthless, lonely and without any human dignity whatsoever. There was a day when every man was commissioned to protect women even if he was not kin to them, feminism has seen to it that nobody anywhere can ever come to a woman's aid for any reason. It is so nightmarish you would not believe it could be possible. Where feminism wins there is nothing left for any woman but porn and very early suicide. Chattel slavery is not even desirable where the economic value of female life approaches zero.


Edward said...

You are mixing up your arguments here. It isn't a social construct, it is biology.

If gender is a social construct then brains must be blank slates at birth, regardless of chromosomes and genitals, and all eventual behaviour is then learned as a result of observing the existing environmental stimuli and deliberately copying each other's behaviour as children.

If gender is the result of sexually dimorphic structures in the brain then it is not a social construct, indeed the social environment we collectively create over time is a result of our need to support the gender behavioural traits we already possess through our biology.

As a species we only fundamentally need to obtain/make clothes (well since that rather famous episode in Genesis..), obtain food, find/build shelters, maybe create art/music, find sexual partners, reproduce, raise children and transmit our existing culture and practices down the generations. Everything else we do in between is just a derived cultural product, a social construct..

You take the original maximally dimorphic male/female brains and you gradually introduce lots of subtle variations of androgyny. Maybe the 16 MBTI types actually have a basis in neural biology, people that actually think in very different ways and want different things out of life...

Culture itself acts as a feedback loop though, initially just through storytelling, and religious study, but over time through literature, art, recorded music, film, television, websites, blogs, youtube channels.. Cultural artefacts beget ever more complex cultural artefacts, and ever more complex tasks and job roles to create and manage them, requiring ever more specialised brains and ever longer training periods to get up to speed. That is if people can even hope to potentially personally exceed in their reproductive prime what the previous generations were only able to achieve over an entire lifetime.

So we have soldiers, stone masons, bakers, carpenters, blacksmiths, weavers, miners, priests, smelters, scribes, architects, lawyers, doctors, teachers, accountants, bankers, shop owners, hairdressers, tailors, mechanical engineers, physicists, electricians, advertisers, researchers, librarians, mathematicians, chief executives, feminist professors, computer scientists, CPU designers, software developers, quantitative analysts, mobile phone designers, MMORPG creators, hedge fund managers, web designers, social network entrepreneurs, fitness instructors, psychic mediums, homeopaths, militant atheists, yoga teachers, search engine optimizers, ironic hipsters, dance instructors, holistic health practitioners, gay hookup smartphone app developers, social justice warriors, 4chan trolls, internet state secret whistle-blowers..

If that's possible, then isn't it also possible that over time, through assortative mating and ever more delayed sexual reproduction, you accidentally create some extreme variations of sexual dimorphism, those possessing brain structures that are now diametrically opposed to their chromosomes/genitals. They find themselves so subconsciously opposed to their parentally prescribed life roles that they would rather just self-destruct, hide, or manipulate everyone else, than attempt to conform to the expectations of their environment?

Or those that are unable to ever biologically mature because the hormonal environment required to optimise their neurological functioning is the opposite of the hormonal environment produced by their existing gonads?
People with XY chromosomes that actually have the brains of women, and people with XX chromosomes that actually have the brains of men..

Edward said...

Then why don't you let the people that want to fight each other just fight each other or watch other more athletic people fight each other on TV, the people that want make clothes just make clothes or watch other more talented people design clothes on TV, the people that want to look after children just look after children or play baby-sitting games on their social network connected tablet computers, and the people that just want to be entertainers and sex workers just be entertainers and sex workers, or act out their sexual fantasies in a virtual reality, regardless of their original genital configurations? Provided that everyone can earn a decent living doing what they love, it doesn't really matter what they actually do, right?

If you'd rather these more extreme cross-gender variations didn't reproduce among themselves and further pollute the gene pool, well you're in luck, because now we have both the technology, and the pervasive social awareness, they will be able to self-identify when they are young enough to mature naturally, voluntarily make themselves infertile, and even sometimes pay for the privilege of being reconfigured by professional surgeons and being provided with ongoing hormone therapy to make them fully socially functional in their preferred gender roles. All they really want is to be left in peace and allowed to obtain jobs that closely conform to their innate gender traits, at whatever level of complexity they are capable of achieving/understanding.

Seems like a better way of preventing the total breakdown of civilisation than increasingly forcing people to try to conform to life roles that run completely counter to their natural instincts. If it's always maintained at about 1% of the population, is it really such a big problem?

If you do force them to grow up while learning how to mimic and maybe even manipulate the other members of their assigned gender, just to fit in, well they might well turn vindictive and choose to only reproduce among themselves, perhaps creating a permanent upper class, composed of paranoid, megalomaniacal, psychopathic and sexually dysfunctional overlords..

Which kind of society would you rather live in?

Texas Arcane said...


All interesting as a study in apologetics. Here's another take : endocrinal disruptors in the water supply are screwing up human biology. Screwing it up. It's not a spectrum, it's busted.

Sam said...

The problem is people with confused sexuality want validation. As far as I'm concerned they can say they are whatever they want but to force me to agree and legally validate whatever they want changes their choice into a demand on myself and others. They want the State to demand and legally force all people recognize their choices as if they are correct.

There is some evidence that the brain structures of conservatives are different from liberals. Ok. So now liberals should be forced to not bring up ideas that cause stress in conservatives. If you do so you end up in jail or are fined. It's the same principle.

Edward said...

Well yes, it's a feedback cycle, complex civilisation + availability of hormonally disruptive contraception => delayed conception => increasingly neotenous and androgynous offspring => increasing social dysfunction and LGBT outcomes => increasingly complex civilisation + more scientific theories + biologically disruptive chemical products.

At some point you get a bunch of people that stand no chance of being the next generation of genius rocket scientists or microelectronic engineers, and would rather just be regular members of the opposite sex. Thankfully we now have the requisite understanding of endocrinology, anatomy, anaesthetics and surgical techniques, so we can offer these people a solution to their problems. Otherwise they can face a lifetime of increasing depression and anxiety over their inability to ever conform to others expectations, find a suitable romantic partner, or achieve an orgasm.

Edward said...


Well I don't agree with all the over-the-top identity politics stuff, but I do agree with the biology itself and therefore the necessity for medical intervention, which is actually scientifically 'correct', at least for some. The social/public sphere side, where do you allow semi-transitioned people to go, is a bit of a nightmare to fix though, as the old rules and beliefs are still so ingrained in peoples minds.

Perhaps letting people transition earlier is the ultimate solution, no one wants to meet an ugly tranny on a dark night, right, but let them start soon enough and that isn't such a problem any more. Except where it impacts on changing rooms in schools I suppose..

With regards to left wing vs. right wing, well that's why we have democracy, so that the policy of the state accurately represents the ever shifting balance of views of the population as a whole, at least that's the ideal. It's rather a neat bit of control system design..