Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Special People Have Special Rules

What is a crime for you and I is just business for them.

You'd be as rich as they are if you just worked harder. For them. This is what they actually believe. Also, invest in more of their stocks, especially when they are ready to short that stock.

Martha Stewart gets a tip and goes to prison. These guys get the news before it is printed and screw everyone else, they get record profits.

Your problem is you are not a good person. That's why you are not as "successful" as they are.

We don't need socialism or higher taxes. That's their plan to deal with their corruption.

We need more freedom and lower taxes for everybody else and prison sentences for these guys.

You are a beast made in the shape of a man so that "men" would not have to be waited on by beasts.

Remember, you should practice frugality and self-control and other good habits - so they don't have to curtail their own outrageously bad habits.

If you worship your destroyers then you will be destroyed. Imagine those marines outnumbered a thousand-to-1 at Benghazi waiting for reinforcements that never arrived. While they died, this woman sat laughing watching a drone feed and sipping champagne. Hundreds of men have been hung by the neck until dead in the U.S. Military for a fraction of the treason committed by this pantsuit demon.


Sam said...

They totally ripped us off. The only people they haven't ripped off are the Icelanders. Smart folks.

off topic but I just ran across this article about (pre-ice age?) canals in the US. Here's a skull found in Northern America in a ancient copper mining area on an Island.

I think this is the first melonhead that I've seen in the far Northern Americas.

The article is at this link. Very interesting. See page 29.

RAWSNL said...

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