Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sometimes Human Beings Stumble and Discover the Troof

... but they usually manage to pick themselves up and keep going.

This is a major brand. Can you imagine the kinds of crap they put into our food supply, water and vaccines and sleep like babies at night? How many people mistake the CEOs of these companies for human beings and think they have limits to what they can get away with? They have no limits and it's your mistake to think this stuff bothers them. That's your mistake. You have misunderstood.

That's why they are of their father the devil and now you know why they call him the Father of all lies and liars. That's right. Satan had kids too.

You thought at long last at least you owned your own body. You're wrong. You don't even own that anymore. It is owned by somebody else.

There is only one reason they get away with all this. Most of mankind is incredibly stupid. They seem bred for slavery. I'm trying to imagine them standing in five feet of snow during the ice age and I can't see it. They don't look the type. I do. I've even got the toe to prove it. Homo Sapiens looks custom bred and deliberately handicapped as a service animal. Sorry, but the truth is plain. You know them by their fruits and they are submissive by nature.

I see them lined up 40,000 years ago in a line grunting and shuffling their feet while Melonheads pass out spears. "You are to march north. Kill all of them. Do not interfere with the women. Not even the children are to be allowed to escape. Do not stop until you reach the ocean. Do you understand what we have told you? Do not deviate from your instructions."

You had one job, Homo Sapiens. One job to do.


Melkayar said...

The gallery of failure of a species that calls itself "Sapiens".

Jebediah Kerman said...


Ave said...

It's not like five puny humans could invent the first personnal computer ( )

Especially when lloking like that :

Edward said...

Well if stuff like this actually represents any kind of reality, which seems increasingly obvious as I get older, then it looks like the plan is about to run it's course.
It's not such a big jump from getting used to using 'Apple Pay' for everything to getting the mark of the beast, or an RFID implant or whatever it turns out to be. ;-)
Looks like we've all been entrusted with building the tools of our own eventual enslavement, so well done to the geeks.
Of course if that's just a conspiracy theory, then everything that's happened in the last 50 years or so has just been an amazing acceleration of natural human 'progress', leading to the inevitable technological singularity and our long-awaited emancipation.

It's all just a matter of perspective with these things, who's to say what's actually going down..

It kind of feeds into my pet theory that the genetic diversity of humanity has little to do with the intellectual diversity, which is far more to do with gestational brain structure differences. If you could only grow your kids in an environment with the right 'royal jelly' and teach them the right things in the right ways, they too could be geniuses, or oligarchs, or wizards or whatever you want to call them, regardless of your own bloodline.

Ron said...

Archery requires a level of serious competence, and intelligence. This is one of the flaws in your theory. Assuming the entire theory is true, why were the neanderthals unable to duplicate the bow technology in the way the Romans duplicated the quinquereme?

I suspect the neanderthals were a pre-flood race, that was wiped out because they did not band together to deal with an emerging threat as a unified force. We have seen this sort of mass idiocy many times over in history, especially among very intelligent groups of people. It's simply more convenient to pretend things will just go along as they always do, then have to put aside short term goals, or even long term goals to deal with an emerging threat that changes everything. This would explain their lack of will to adapt to the changing technology, because they were uninterested in the issues of far away villages under siege, by the time they would become aware of the new technology, they would have neither the time or resources to focus on duplicating it or at least generating alternative tactics.

Look at the current migrant situation. Most of it is because the West has benevolently attempted to halt the suffering of disease and famine among the Africans, the result has been a population boom. Perhaps instead of a benevolent government helping out the African continent, there was a positive change in weather patterns? Much like what led to the population boom among Genghis Khans horde.

To fit with your theory, one could imagine some malevolent group of people teaching the Africans the use and crafting of the bow, then pointing out to them the superior living standard of these Neanderthals. Much like what is happening today, they would cross the sea in an effort to get the livestock, goods, women, crafts and slaves.

The first few villages would have fallen, but the rest of the villages, instead of taking stock of the situation and uniting to drive out the invaders would have left their brother villages to fend for themselves, never imagining that they were also at risk until it was far too late.

Texas Arcane said...


Except the bows and the arrows of Neanderthals are consistently vastly superior to those of Cro-Magnons and universal agreement is in place about all their other weapons, too.

What they could not do as well as Sapiens :

1. Breed indiscriminately like flies without monogamy.
2. Chuck a spear with deadly accuracy at distance.

All discussions of armed resistance start to become ridiculous when you talk about being outnumbered 1000-to-1 by a race that can kill you 100 meters away by throwing a rain of spears nobody could possibly dodge even if they had bullet time.

So we'd expect the highly intelligent race of Neanderthals to behave exactly like people would during a zombie siege and retreat to the highest mountain tops in difficult-to-reach places where mass spear chucking is no longer a viable strategy. That's exactly what happened.

Texas Arcane said...


I always wonder if it is okay to tell Caucasians in North America that the reason they are retreating en masse to the countryside and deserting their own cities is that they are not as innovative as Africans. Or that their women will be glad when they get gangraped by such hordes. Or the next time one of them gets beaten to death by a mob of a couple hundred that they need to be more intelligent to counter such assaults. After all, this is what so many of these idiots think is appropriate to say about Neanderthals.

Takudzwa Aywok said...

I read that Cro-magnons mainly used spears and arrows.
This tactic reminds me of the Mongols.
It's understandable that they could beat them since cro-magnons are deceptive and cowards and Thals tend to be naive.
The berbers lost because their queen Kahena got "backstabbed" by the arab kid she adopted. She was red-haired.
Otherwise if cro-magnons fight Neanderthals frontally, even if the cro-magnons outnumber them the cro's will loose.
The berbers once fought with tons of well-equipped arabs only using stones and knives only and won.
The teutons and their giant king teutobod lost in the battle of aix because their opponent used deception.
Otherwise if you put Neanderthals under the leadership of someone who is aware of the cro-magnons's ways... You get something like the Moors ,who invaded spain. One of the most powerful monarchy in europe at the time.

I don't know if Neanderthals really disappeared. There are legends that talk of a vast underground country inhabited by mysterious blond and blue eyed men who have magical super powers such as being able to cure using music.
Curing using music sounds like those kind of things that at first sight sounds really not realistic and magical but that can be scientifically explainable and that, with enough obsession are skills you can achieve.

Those red-haired and blue-eyed men you sometimes talk of can be found EVERYWHERE in the world. I think that it could be said that they are a people very much driven by curiosity.
Either they ended up dissolving becos civilization or either they listened to their conservative instincts and stayed in rural places. The nazis said that Aryans nowadays are mainly in places like farms.

I really really don't think that archery requires intelligence or competence. I think that you're not very careful in your thinking.

FrankNorman said...

All discussions of armed resistance start to become ridiculous when you talk about being outnumbered 1000-to-1 by a race that can kill you 100 meters away by throwing a rain of spears nobody could possibly dodge even if they had bullet time

Persians: "Our arrows block out the sunlight!"
Spartans: "We fight better in the shade!"

Seriously, Tex... if the other side are throwing spears, you don't try to dodge, you use a shield. Better yet, you and your buddies form a shield-wall. Then when the opfor is done spear-chucking (remember, every spear they throw is a spear they don't have anymore) they're all yours.

Perhaps you have heard of an African tribe called the Zulus? At the start of the 19th century, they were one small village. The Nguni tribesmen of the area (called Tierra de Natal by sailers from Europe) had a traditional manner of warfare: they would form up in lines opposite each other, then chuck spears back and forth, while dancing, singing, throwing taunts, etc. Then more spears back and forth a bit. Then that was the battle for the day.
Shaka, who became leader of the Zulus, invented a new tactic - his warriors carried big shields, and short stabbing spears. When the other side were down throwing, his side would charge in to melee range, and then it was stabbity-stab-stab time.
The result? An episode of history known as the Mfecane, or Crushing, in which the Zulus conquered a region the size of Portugal, and spread terror across a much wider area.

Texas Arcane said...


The Zulus are a perfect example of what I am talking about.

The only way the British were able to conquer Africa is with belt-fed, air cooled Gatling Guns. The Gatling gun itself was invented purely to solve the problem of the Zulus.

The fact the British had far superior weapons like firearms and rifles and pistols and cannons was completely useless in the face of the Zulu onslaught. Stepping back to light a cannon pointed at the enemy is pretty hilariously ineffective where there are one million of them running at you chucking spears. The early British soldiers died like flies. Only mass production of Gatling guns could turn the tide in Africa.

FrankNorman said...

Tex, I'm a South African, and what you are saying is not quite accurate.
Yes, numbers make a big difference. But you don't need machine-guns to defeat a swarm of Zulus, muskets and cannon will do it, as long as you are defending a prepared position.
When the British got caught out in the open, they'd be wiped out by sheer numbers. But when they were dug in behind fortifications, it was the Zulus who died like flies.

The Battle of Blood River, and the Battle of Rorke's Drift, being important examples.