Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Serious Vault-Co Shelter

This is what I am talking about. I am never going back to one of these tin cans I built in the past. My next shelter is going to be a subterranean spacious garden of eden. Buying the infrastructure components soon. Guarantee you that Vault-OS is going to be stabler, cheaper and more likely to run for a century with secondhand equipment than the expensive computer systems you see in the above article. Who is going to fix those things when they break or go down? You'd also need a complete IT department down there just to keep the lights on.

I am lucky to live in Melbourne now because the locals are well versed in all aspects of this sort of construction and have it down to a science.

UPDATE : Terrific article describing the scientific reality of post-nuclear survival as depicted in Fallout 4.

Nothing to worry about, just U.S. government secretly firing nuclear ballistic missiles over inhabited metropolitan areas in clear violation of Posse Comitatus. The future is so bright I gotta wear shades.

P.S. At my day job the full end-to-end architecture of Vault-OS was fielded today to great acclaim. I am doing parallel work at home to match the advances I have gotten at work. This is a secure, distributed system monitoring high-end industrial equipment with web browser display using mailslots. We have already handled a variety of complex data from assorted devices and it is running like a charm including the mechanisms for real-time update. You'd be amazed at the village idiot simplicity of it all. I was consulting with a company last week about their existing PLC system and we were like aliens coming from different planets discussing adaptability. Their system had already cost almost a hundred grand in licensing fees just to get it to version one for a single protocol. For example, they explained when they wanted to support BACNet for their client they had to invest another hundred thousand dollars. I told them I had written a daemon for BACNet in a single day and was using it around-the-clock testing at home with no headaches. While they were explaining how hard all this stuff was to me, I ran the demo on my laptop for them with a BACNet device over RS-485. They were in the middle of telling me these things were "never that simple." They are - if you think about them the right way.


Eric Green said...

Americrap thinks it's going to win WW3 (LOL).

Jebediah Kerman said...

I wonder if there could be a way for all Vault-OS-running machines to communicate while there's a nuclear attack. You know, between bunkers.

Phelps said...

Hell, at this point I'm suspicious of ICs in general, and would prefer to run things on discrete-component analog circuits, where I can grok the image of the entire circuit behavior in my head.

On the same thread of thought, I've been wondering what your plans for comms were. I've been thinking of some sort of "NVIS from a pit" setup. Someone really dedicated with a lot of mobility could direction find me to a few dozen miles, but I think it would be hard to do better than that without stumbling nearly on top of me. The thing is, to practice with that now, you would need access to ham radio HF frequencies (11m CB radio won't work for NVIS, the radio windows don't open that wide except on rare occasions.)

Aeoli Pera said...

Lol, best of luck out there Tex. Despite everything, it gives me great comfort to know that you will probably make it.

When the saps are banging on the door of your ark, don't forget to sodomize them and lie about letting them in. That's just how they say hello in their culture and you wouldn't want to offend them.

Dan Crab said...

I can see you finally took my advice. Not bad for an amud.

Sam said...

I read that Russia had blue flame from their missiles and Americans had red ones. So I start looking at missile launches and the ones I find have red flames.

I hear the US Navy has claimed the launch. Thinking about it a little and the blue flame is very odd. Look at the Space shuttles boosters which came from ICBM type solid fuel. Red flames. They've got something new. The blue means it's a MUCH higher temperature. Hence more efficient. Wonder what it is? Maybe it's the same kind of stuff as nano-thermite.

Just in case anyone hasn't heard color can give you the exact temperature of a burning, melting, molten object. Old school temperature readers used a light bulb. You matched the color of the light bulb, which got bluer as it got hotter, to a object you wanted to measure the temperature of. Then you just read what the temperature was off a scale.

After reading further some are still saying it's Russian.

I haven't been able to confirm that Russian ICBM's have blue flames. All the ones I see are red.

If it was Russia's I hope it will stop the idiot psychopaths running the US from getting us all killed.

Ron said...

Mike Adams believe the launch was a giant "fuck you" to the Chinese and Russians. The idea is that the US gov, or at least the US Navy, as those no longer seem to be on the same team anymore, wanted everyone to film that launch in order to send a "back the fuck off" message.

Texas Arcane said...

@Jebediah @Phelps

NVIS, I didn't even think about that yet.

I have been mapping out a series of "appliances" that will be added every month after releasing Vault-OS as open source. I have even thought of running a Patreon fund for it for people who want to subscribe to the research and be guaranteed at least one new .PDF file and one new "appliance" source each month.

I expect that some of the best ideas will come from users out there who will build appliances of their own to add back to the source base. My best experiments in communication have come from an experiment to turn a USB TV Plug into an all-band shortwave radio with full monitoring, signal scanning and logging. I expected to do quite a bit of advanced work on this particular subject at some stage.

Here's a sample list of some of the stuff I have planned as priorities ...

(All of these will have a page that effectively makes them a process monitored by Vault-OS)


Vault-Co Appliance Projects: (Cheap, maintainable, rebuildable, repairable)

Water Purifier Stack/Storage (buckets, charcoal, sand, clay, hydrogen peroxide drip feed)
MYO Hydrogen Peroxide & Colloidal Silver with monitor
Cheap Secure IP Cameras from Web Cams (inside Ammo boxes, with and without optical lines)
Seismic Sensor Grid with sudden motion sensors USB Daemons, Lawn lights and optical fiber
Hydroponics Lab
Permaculture Farm
Mealworm Nursery
Fireless Cooker
Atmospheric Water Distiller
VAWT Vertical Axis Wind Turbine from PVC pipes and DC motor
Mini-Turbines (computer fans)
DIY Super Cheap Solar Panels (factory fragment rejects)

Texas Arcane said...


This was my main communication idea for Vault-OS, receiver only. I thought it was pretty good for $20 and could easily be managed by a daemon monitor.

HalibetLector said...

Jesus H Christ. Thank god I left California when I did.

I asked on this site a long while ago now where you could go to avoid the shit that's coming. At the time, I was focused on Europe. Now, with their migrant invasion, Europe is pretty much off the table (aside from Switzerland). Eastern Europe and Russia could still be options, depending on how they handle their share of the migrant invasion. Australia's still a good choice, for reasons Tex has pointed out before. I refuse to go to any of the Asian or South American countries because I'd rather not live in the 3rd world if I can avoid it. Japan could be an option.

Every time I see a vault-co post I get the urge to flee to the Adirondack mountains and build a homestead into the side of one of the mountains in the middle of the mountain range.

Ave said...

>>This was my main communication idea for Vault-OS, receiver only. I thought it was
>>pretty good for $20 and could easily be managed by a daemon monitor.


I tried Software Defined Radio but was massively underwhelmed by the results. Even the addition of a (costly, in relative terms) Ham It Up unit didn't help, and I made a colinear antenna for it, same.

That said, it is a good introduction to the topic. Perhaps I'm doing it wrong, so others might want to try it at their own place, at 20 bucks you can't really do wrong for something that (in my view) is primarily educational.

Phelps said...

I have 3 rtl-sdr dongles running all the time. They are good for what they are -- Swiss Army knives. They can sorta do everything, but they don't do anything as well as a designated tool. I can listen to 2m ham traffic on it, but it's not as sensitive as even my handy talkie. I can do a LOT of ADSB with it, but not as well as dedicated hardware. (wIth the difference being $75 total for raspi and dongle vs $500+ for dedicated hardware, this is good enough.)

If you are looking for a way to monitor the skip traffic, I think you would be better off with a plain old shortwave radio as opposed to SDR. If you are looking for finding out "what is going on in the world" then shortwave and a long-wire antenna is your best bet. SDR is the way to go if you are looking for something to do ELINT and SIGINT work. Being able to see a waterfall of wide swaths of the spectrum is the killer app of SDR. Listening to a static signal, not so much.

cbenediccengi said...

Texas Arcane said...


As a person who barely knows anything about digital control over shortwave and other radios, my experiment in 2011 with one of these dongle radios is that it is the first device I could successfully control, log, monitor and record from. I used a .DLL open source for my daemon and was able to report some of the first values to the server about a half an hour after compiling it. With a little more work I was able to send commands back like "record last signal value reported at this strength for 10 seconds" etc.

Pretty attractive way to monitor the radio in the post-apocalyptic world and log any signals that would indicate your attention or further listening. This could be a great centralised mechanism for detecting other survivors or institutions out there. If you can look at a log and see a strong signal was picked up last night on this band at this frequency that is superb.

Sam said...

Michael Bradley has a great looking windmill at the link below. Unfortunately he wants 100.00 for plans???? Anyways it opens all the way for light winds and folds in for heavier. Very smart. He used it on pontoon type boats for propulsion. You can see somewhat how it's built in the page. For sails used billboard signs would be great. They're made to be outdoors in the weather and last a long time.

For Water Purification shock for swimming pools works good and cost way less than buying bleach or chemicals. Ultraviolet light would be good if you had the bulbs. You could use tanning bulbs in florescent fixtures.

I read,

for financial information. I think we have a year before the financial system collapses. I'm not ready. At all. I'm doomed. Bad thing is I have food stored and other stuff. Most have nothing, nothing at all.

It could change if Trump is elected and he's not just a Black Horse to siphon off discontentment. Everything he says about trade and immigration I've been saying for 25 years or better. To no avail. I'm of the opinion right now that he's the real deal as I can find no serious hold over him that the Jews have. Maybe they have a hold on him but not enough to force him to run for President and do their bidding. I don't think he will follow their mass war plans.

As for relocating. I think there's still plenty of places in the US that are better than moving to a different country where you have no roots. I don't think it's going to get any worse here than a lot of other places. All the big cities will be a nightmare. If there is rioting where food delivery stops the people in the inner city will go nuts. That of course will only make it worse and then no one will really go there. They'll be eating each other in six weeks I bet.

I definitely wouldn't move to Asia as they'll suffer hard. Asia has rising expectations that will probably never be met. This will make a lot of people furious. It's like showing them a fabulous buffet then wheeling it away at the last minute. They're going to blame White people and the West.

Phelps said...

For computer control, there is no doubt that SDR is the way to go, since it can analyze and record wide swaths of the spectrum at once (assuming you can capture the data to disk at a fast enough rate.) As far as actual monitoring, it's hard to beat the discernment of the human ear and an analog signal for catching voices. Software just isn't as good at that.

bicebicebice said...

"In Fallout 4, the only surviving members of the human race are in vaults"

Yupp, the thals and the melons, ready to dish it out again.