Thursday, November 5, 2015

Politically Correct History Is Incompatible with Real History

North America was entirely colonised by Denisovians 12,000 years ago.

White caucasians from Europe with super-hardened bones (Neanderthals) and the Greek Foot (Neanderthals) and strong forearms with impressive finely manufactured tools (Neanderthals) colonised the entire continent long before Indians arrived. The single most likely reason that Indians have such a generous allotment of Neanderthal genes is the rape of Neanderthal women - the same reason than European people all over the world have Neanderthal genes.

Neanderthals had control over their own birth rates. Other races of people didn't. When the climate warmed, these other races were able to swarm over geographic land masses that formerly barred their entrance and survival because of cold temperatures. Neanderthals never stood a chance in the face of these numbers and were rapidly overwhelmed despite being vastly superior hand-to-hand warriors, having superior weapons and being far superior in strength and agility. None of those things matter when you are fighting a thousand-to-one.

The biggest cull of the Clovis people was during the event that shows as a black line of diamond-laced dust in the fossil record around 12,000 years ago, when water supplies worldwide were rendered toxic by blue-green algae that thrived in the enormous amounts of iron dust that fell all over the planet. How smart were the Clovis people? Do you think they didn't know something was wrong with the water? A heap of their bones were found beside a well they had dug to filter lake water through deep clay. The water was still poisoned that emerged. Their bones are tinged green because of it. Only osmosis or distilling could have purified this water, a good thing to keep in mind in case it ever happens again. Another good reason to store water in tanks underground where it can't be contaminated.

Last of all and strangely significant, the Clovis people were a damned good-looking race of people, with far superior facial symmetry and a general harmony of features not seen in moderns at all. Their women would have probably looked angelic to the savages they fought against.


Grogard said...
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Takudzwa Aywok said...

I wonder if Neanderthals could have reproduced as much as cro-magnons if the environment and the ressources permitted it, and if the fact that producing a single thal individual is more ressources-consumming than for a single cro-magnon individual would prevent them from doing so.

Sam said...

In the video his evidence is that the oldest tool found in the US is Solutrean and since it's from the East coast presumably from Europeans. The oldest found complete skeletons in the US are Europeans found in the Windover bog in Florida.

There's nothing about Neanderthals or Denisovians. I've never heard of any evidence of Neanderthals or Denisovians in the Americas. The American Indian that settled the Americas from Siberia had inferior tools to the Solutreans. Notice he said the Solutreans at the height of the coldest times of the ice age were doing just fine.

Whatever caused the Black Mat probably did them in.

bicebicebice said... Dr. Utopia hehe.

Sir Sweetstick said...

Mr Arcane, are you a fan of Babylon 5?

Chris from Sydney said...

Australian Supermarket chain calls people who grow their own food 'freaks'.

Quit growing your own vegetables you freak, eat the vegetables we sell you. It interferes with the bottom line, goyim !

Texas Arcane said...


"Solutreans" and "Clovis" is just a code word for Neanderthals. Cro Magnons were never as muscular or had bones as hard as Neanderthals.

Since there is some evidence of herding amongst Clovis people, admitting they were herders would blow the entire story of anthropology apart.

Grogard said...

Corn domestication is an interesting case. Corn is so advanced from its wild ancestor that it was impossible to determine where corn came from before genetic sequencing was available. Corn also just shows up wholly formed as we know it today (minus the horrible levels of sugar). As with cattle there is no evidence whatsoever of a domestication process.

I would not be surprised if clovis people domesticated corn in europe and brought it with them to america in solutrean time, and in the intervening time the knowledge of it (but not ALL fossils) disappeared. It just boggles my mind that thing like corn and tobacco showing up in ancient europe don't even get a bip out of the media or anthropologists but some african hoodoo magic creation of human race and migration out of africa gets taken seriously.

Grogard said...

"Roman merchants brought back New World plants in addition to supplies of gold, copper, lumber, dried fish, and furs. We see ample evidence of New World plants at Roman archeological sites. Mosaic murals at Pompeii dating to the 1st century include New World pineapples. Archeologists removed maize or corn kernels from Roman grain silos built in ancient Spain. A Roman herbal or book of plants included New World pumpkins. And New World tobacco was identified in Roman-era smoking pipes excavated from the ruins of bathhouses near the ancient Roman city of London.7"

This is just one example. There's many, now. It seems celts were growing corn for example.

cbenediccengi said...

unrelated. Soooo... This fiasco is going to make the Yugoslavian civil-bust up look like a cake walk.

Ave said...

>>Blogger Takudzwa Aywok said...
>> I wonder if Neanderthals could have reproduced as much as cro-magnons if the >>environment and the ressources permitted it, and if the fact that producing a >>single thal individual is more ressources-consumming than for a single cro-magnon

The theory here about Neanderthal is that they have a qualitative approach to things and not a quantitative one. As a consequence, this means their mating patterns are very selective, and standards are high.

I noticed that people with high Neanderthal characteristics are often loners although they are being actively chased. I have witnessed desireable women doing all the wooing to Neanderthals and getting shunned nonetheless, because the Neanderthals can see into these persons' souls.

There is a difference between the meek cubicle drone that can't get laid no matter what (TV tells us that Neanderthal-looking people are like that) and the real Neanderthal-minded that most people can't understand (this would be portrayed as the really evil or dangerous person on TV, also mostly a loner).

My hypothesis is that quality comes from experience with the environment (i.e. no bullshit), and the presence of too much people degrades the quality. Thus numbers were naturally kept low.

Neanderthals could have waged demographic wars as well against the cro-magnon flood (à la Gaza Stripe with their "Combat Demographics") but then they would not have remained Neanderthal, they would have lost their soul.

Sam said...


Somebody needs to build some decent dredging equipment to search the ancient shore lines. Maybe a suction with a screen to just remove the muck and keep artifacts from being dredged. Even better a jet that blows the muck off with a suction next to the blowing jet to suck up the cloud of mud/muck. That way you could slowly suck off layers of material. By immediately sucking up the cloud of light debris you could see what was under it. Combined with a underwater camera you could do archaeology much as you did on land. Probably faster.

They use big vacuum cleaners as debris cleaner to clean out the holes for elevators. Most elevators under three stories or so are hydraulic. They just put a big hydraulic ram under the elevator shaft. They eventually go bad and have to be replaced every so often. You haul up the hyd. ram in the shaft. Suck out all the loose material with one of those big vacuum cleaner trucks then put in the new ram. It's amazing how powerful these vacuums are. You've seen these things used in Alaska to dredge for gold. Could use full sucking power til artifacts found then dial back the power.

I've often thought this would be a way to speed up archaeology on land also. Use powerful shop vacs. Put screens over the intake to stop sucking up the artifacts. With two shop vacs you could fill one half way and switch to a second vac while the filled one has it's materials dumped. A lot of shop vacs have DC motors so you could dial back the power when working on more delicate material or stop and go back to the old method.

Another idea. You don't want to blow muck all over the place underwater. As you're sucking up the muck in one place you want to confine it in another. The way to keep it in one place would be to have a tall cylinder like a grain silo. The bottom would be open and it would have an interior exactly like a tornado vacuum cleaner. Muck comes in the top and is whrilled around, the muck falls or settles into the "open" bottom. When full you vibrate the silo and pull up at the same time. What's left is a silo of muck in one spot.

Texas Arcane said...


That was so well said I wanted to keep it.

If the Neanderthals became wildly polygamous, mindlessly aggressive, territorial and expedient they'd no longer be Neanderthals. Their genetic superiority would vanish in only a few generations. They'd be Cro-Magnons.

As you pointed out, you cannot have quality and quantity together. They are mutually exclusive in genetics.

You are also 100% right about quality emerging from exposure to the environment. The Ice Age is ruthless towards crap genes and the Neanderthals were of very high genetic grades because of an environment that promoted small tribes, psychological stability, in-group loyalty and sanity. It killed all other hominids for the very traits that are sexually attractive today - the Dark Triad. A couple dark triad males in a group who were not banished could kill everybody in the tribe in a few weeks after which they themselves died. Imagine Donner Party selection for one million years. All the expedient psychopaths and potential offspring would be dead in short order.

Takudzwa Aywok said...

Thank you for the answer.
Tough I didn't want to say if they were wildly polygamous but rather, if each couples who had high quality genes had more children.
It is a very sad thing that most of Neanderthals ended up (mostly) extinct.
Also, are you sure that high population density would mean that a thal would have less occasions to become more experienced with the environment?
They could fairly easily move to the outskirts. Autistic males are said to have instincts that will make them tend to go live in the woods as hermits.
Well, I read this on the rdos page.

And also, I wonder if they still could have had a chance to beat the cro-magnons if, say, they actually started to actively develop technology and not, well, forget it (The guanches didn't even know anything about how to make boats, yet they lived on islands...)

Ave said...

>>Tough I didn't want to say if they were wildly polygamous but rather, if each
>>couples who had high quality genes had more children.

The r-strategy is to have a lot of children, because a good number of them will die young, and the rest won't live old. It is quantitative.
The K-strategy is to have a few, well educated children who will live long and gather experience as they age, becoming themselves able to raise the next generation well. It is qualitative.

Both strategies work in the animal kingdom. In online gaming strategy, you could call the r-strategy a "zergling rush".

I believe people can educate large families well, it is possible, but it is perhaps an unnecessary difficulty in times of hardship such as permanent nuclear winter (the last ice age) or invasion by Cro-Magnons. In a nutshell, "better genes" doesn't mean more children but better children.

>Also, are you sure that high population density would mean that a thal would have
>less occasions to become more experienced with the environment?
The Cro-Magnon invasion was altering the environment from a natural environment (in which the Neanderthal tried to fit in) to a man-made environment. Population densities are completely different. To survive in this new environment, one would have to become a hobo, basically, or to seek isolated areas (mountains etc.) in which the qualitative approach was more rewarding than the quantitative one.

Here a nice animated film about that kind of lifestyle (The Man Who Planted Trees (1987) ) :

> And also, I wonder if they still could have had a chance to beat the cro-magnons > if, say, they actually started to actively develop technology and not, well, forget it

The idea we have of technology is usually mistaken. Technology evolved most of the time out of ressource gluts and were isolated solutions to overall bad management. An example : quantitative packs of human locusts decimate forests after 950 AD (agricultural revolution of the middle ages), which led to a Full World situation, which in turn ended with the Great Plague (at least we didn't devolve to permanent Full-World like certain places in India or China, where forests are gone since two millenia). When the ressource glut reappears, better use is made of ressources, the rest of the world is pillaged (colonial expansion) and finally the price of energy gets so high it begins to make sense to extract coal from deep mines (with the help of intricate machinery).

The ideal of the Antique world was measure and harmony : although they knew such technologies as steam power and analog computers, they didn't use it like it was used in the 18th century.

Speaking of Neanderthals, I guess their approach was very sane, but they took the hard way (as usual for them...) : mismanagement of ressources should not be bypassed by technology, these spoilt brats ought to know what is good for them. Let them have their ressource glut and ponder about it for a while.

You would also raise your kids by saying "what is need is not more money, it's to make a better use of it".

Takudzwa Aywok said...

that the Neanderthals* ended up mostly extinct.
Horrible mistake argh

dé bile said...

Cleve I lived up north far longer than you ever did. Not so much the cold but the landscapes is a bit dull and for someone surviving up there it's a permanent nuisance to find living stuff.

When you're a wandering band of hunters why the fuck would you settle on the ice and not in some Mediterranean paradise. Why would you purposely kick yourself in the balls when you can appreciate the best of what god crafted for you?
These neanderthals must have been broken products in some ways to not recognize that.

Takudzwa Aywok said...

I am well aware of the r/K selection theory.

In my eyes, it doesn't necessarily mean that every groups that has high fertility rates will end up showing "R-selected traits" in the sense that they will be of lower quality.

If we only permitted couples with high quality genes or genes that make out of you someone of higher "quality" to have many children, we would not end up being more R-selected in the sense that our specie would rely on quantity more, because we still enforce K-selection.

Well, in the sense that only those who are of high quality get to procreate.

All it would mean is that those of higher quality would be in greater numbers.
But perhaps, you are right. A more dense environment would go a bit agaisnt this, so what if, instead of making the territories they would already occupy, they extended over more territory?

I think that the r/K selection theory is only about tendencies one can observe when taking a closer look at species in the wild.
Not necessarily that any group that has high fertility rates will become more "R-selected".
Thank you for all this information about technology and why people sometimes look forward to developping it.
But I was speculating about what if , for a reason or another the Neanderthals started actually acumulating knowledge and technology instead of forgetting it. Could they have beaten the cro's?
When asking this question, I have in mind, perhaps, traps or huge boulders to kill masses of cro-magnons quickly, or giant pits hidden under leaves or catapults.

I am wondering about all of this because very often when learning about Jewish troublemakers, I can see that they came from big families of 7-8 children.
Yet, today ashkenazi jews have an average IQ of 115.

Ave said...

First, thank you for an interesting conversation !

>>But I was speculating about what if , for a reason or another the Neanderthals
>>started actually acumulating knowledge and technology instead of forgetting it.
>>Could they have beaten the cro's?

Perhaps the best short answer to this is survivalism. The "qualitative" approach is to avoid the masses, not to fight them or trying to change them. Texas Arcane builds underground shelters, not armies.

At some relatively early stage of the Cro Invasion, the Neanderthal Council of Nutters (the first version of Vault-Co) must have decided, based on analysis of the events, that there was no way to indefinitely fight back the Cro's because of the insane reproduction rate. Cro's were popping out replacement faster than Neanderthals could kill, and there was no way of reaching the desired force multipliers at that stage in technology.

Besides, I very much doubt the willingness of Neanderthals to organise themselves in highly hierarchical structures where drones were sent out to fight by an elite who could only justifiy their position by their good haircut.

If you want to see quality vs quantity, you can have a look at Finland's Winter War against the stalinist army (before Stalin was actually forced to grow a brain on these issues and get the Neanderthal warfare specialists out of the Gulag). There must have been hundreds of Winter Wars during the Cro invasion but at some point numbers are simply overwhelming.

Perhaps it was the moment where they decided to leave behind a legacy, or perhaps some sort of guidelines, to the survivors of their own kind, in the form of buried tools and elaborate paintings.

>>I am wondering about all of this because very often when learning about Jewish
>>troublemakers, I can see that they came from big families of 7-8 children.

Jewish people come in all shapes and colours. There was an urban "middle class" where the number of children was limited to three to four (given the demographics of that time, it meant that two on avergae reached reproducing age), and which was very K-selective.

Then you also had r-selective Jews who were living in squalor, with near-Gypsy status. Special laws pertaining to Jews were abolished only in 1870 in France. Many people saw Jews just the same way as they saw Gypsies. it was the urban Jewish middle class (who was itself fleeing the r-selected Jews) who earned Jews their good reputation (as merchants , tailors, jewellers etc.)

Takudzwa Aywok said...

so what if instead of making the territories they would already occupy more dense*
woopsie sorry