Thursday, November 19, 2015

Paul Craig Roberts : Will the Matrix Prevail?

What makes it all possible is the reality of tenth generation people. 

If China and Russia start to buy into this dream delusion that the Western nations call their lives, soon they will find that everything magically stops going right for them. The West is so sick that when they discover they are not getting results from their approach this usually drives them further into schizophrenia. It is a one-way road once you get on it and reality recedes in the rearview mirror.


bicebicebice said...

Texas Arcane said...


That's exactly the kind of agitprop that Roberts is referring to. In1984 they'd try to retroactively change the past to suit the new "facts" in the present.

It is true that Islam was once a major threat to the West. Today the biggest threat to the West is Israel and Mossad. There are no radical groups called ISIS and Al Quaeda. They don't exist.

bicebicebice said...

Sure, but i read comments on how isis and such groups was created to drive a wedge between muslims and the west they live in. Living in Sweden, they demonize themselves on a daily basis and they need no help with that, our three major capitals have almost fallen demographically and there are more than 200 areas in my country where the police wont even set their foot.

1400 years of jihad was not created by the west, the arabus africanus is the worst creature on earth, and they are very real. I appreciate your bigger picture but there is also the everyday life fact, you know this however, coming from LA.
These people are nothing but trouble, you only need to compare sweden before and after multiculturalism, the worst thing that could have happened to you in the 70s was getting your bike stolen and having to wait two days to get it back, today these apes stab you for looking at them the "wrong" way.

Is IS real to them, and therefore unfortunately this is real to me too.

Saps gonna sap, regardless of appearances or intent.

bicebicebice said...

bicebicebice said...

Just a little clarification, you can remove the slave masters, but you still got the slaves,and then, in a rebellion! Sap lebensraum continues according to programming no matter what. I think I will emigrate to Svalbard or eastern europe.

Texas Arcane said...


Exact same people faking radical terrorist fronts are the exact same people who flooded the West with immigration. Exact same people. You see many problems but in reality there is just one.

If a man throws cockroaches on the floor of your kitchen you don't have a cockroach problem. Your problem is with that man that threw them on your kitchen floor.

The West could clean out undesirables in one day if it wanted to without others running interference.

bicebicebice said...

Yeah i know, but the word Quisling is a Scandinavian one, describing the perfect sell out population, the crazy in Sweden has peaked so hard it is a standard separate feature in the daily world internets media.

It is fun to read your musings on aussies and kwanstainans and westerners in general, they just seem stupid, but there is a born malice to the swedes i feel, heck, i think my country is infested with cro-mags importing saps just for the sheer hell of it! No overlords needed.

Where is Jim Penman with his biochem nose spray that turns crazies into people when you need him, does anything matter until that day? Need real change, not Obummer change.

I agree that most western countries could solve its problems in a week, it is my fear however that my people dont want to, they just want to import more problems, out of their own free will.

Atleast they didn't ban Christmas this year.

styrac1 said...


There is no civilizational/geopolitical confrontation with Islam. There is only an unmanageable demographic situation within our borders created by the same ones who now tell you Islam as a whole is a threat, looking that way to conceal their own role in creating this mess with their invite the world, invade the world policy.

bicebicebice said...

Islam was invented to weaponize saps after they had gone dormant, look at the fine job they did in bringing down the ancient worlds and they keep stalling progress even to this day.

I will assume you are american, because most of them gets really pissy about this subject, lets just say that the US and Israel and all that that entails, could evaporate into space tomorrow, and nothing regarding these critters would change. Number one hot spot in the world for inbreeding, i sincerely believe The Blood War setting was based on the middle east.

Saps gonna sap, just like melons gonna melon, no need for a pharaoh goatee. The only thing that has changed is that they have been upgraded mentally in the crazy department.

Why do you think the canadians, of all people, banned arab males from entering the country?

styrac1 said...

What an incredibly stupid thing to say, which basically means that your problem with Islam is that they do not conform to your western liberal standards. If the US and Israel would evaporate tomorrow we wouldn't be having them invading our lands fleeing from their wars but they would still live in relatively stable, quasi-secular societies where obviously they wouldn't colonize the solar system any time soon but would be provided with living conditions good enough for them as not to be compelled to colonize our continent. Looks like the inevitable globalization wasn't so inevitable after and requires constant invade the world-invite the world engineering by the US and Israel not ti interrupt it. Moron.

Texas Arcane said...


It is not our business that Islam is incompatible with our civilisation. That's not the only group of people who are incompatible. I agree that all we need to concern ourselves with is protecting our own civilisation and this is best accomplished through isolation. Leave them alone in their own nations for another thousand years and we'll see how much progress they make without us.

The problem with advocating isolation is that if you started to offer this as a real and permanent solution to problems there are other people from the Middle East who are terrified we might realise that they are incompatible with our civilisation as well. They need us a lot more than we ever needed them. So they make certain to pry all the doors open and run our country as a colony of the world even as they turn their own "nation" (if you'd call it that, it doesn't really qualify lacking independence of our own support) as they demonise their enemies from the region and tell us we have to wage war on them over there as they are allowed to parade in en masse here. Total insanity.

styrac1 said...

I'm totally with you on that Tex.

Funny how every time they look to frame the argument on Islam-specific talking points, usually after a massacre like this one, instead of doing what is necessary like sealing the borders and start deportations, they call for more open borders and that we need to step up our "war on terror" efforts to actually create more of them. The result is that whenever someone converts a new partner to join the effort against "Islamism", he gets another "refugee" his permanent German residency permit approved.

bicebicebice said...

My western liberal standards? Haha good one, gonna laugh about that all weekend. I dont want a single sap in my country, and the ethnic sell outs should be thrown to the bears, or the ultimate punishment, be sent home with the rest of them, you dindu.

But you are right, you wont have THEM invading your countries, but their neighbors will instead, just as they do today, have always done and will continue to do in the future. "Relatively stable societies", "be compelled not to invade our continent"? Are you a real person? You remind me of my father, with the no guns = world peace argument, no x country / x people = world peace, completely ignoring the fact that people will still hate and kill each other. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you are a sap?

You must be pulling my leg, do you read history, do you even read this blog? It is funny to read people who thinks "Agendas" and such started with the US, Israel, jews in general ( why any one would voltunarily give any people god like powers and demoralize themselves willingy is beyond me ), and that everything would be swell if these entities would be gone forever. I am not denying that these two countries and their elite is the current cancer in the world, but nature abhors a vacum, and the void will soon be filled with another Melon-sap regime and routine. They will only stop when they are dead or weakened, going into hiding and biding their time. If there is anything good to learn from this, is that we should steal the ethnic jew state idea and switch it to neanderthal. Turn the conman idea into actual real reality, that would piss them off.
" Agenda 2030 ", how many agendas is that now, going back a couple of tens of thousands of years BC? I have lost count, sure is news to me the "elite" have plans for the little man! Good thing the remedy is the same as always, "peasant" uprising.

It would be interesting to visit an alternate earth reality with you, where these two countries and people are gone, and together you and I could go for a unicorn ride in the Edenic Paradise that is now Earth, sipping rainbow shake, buy a round of beer for my brothers from around the globe. Forgot your wallet? No problem! Just whistle and the helicopter guy will come running, chuking some gold at you, real gold, not jew gold.

Just need to make sure we get out of time, six days maximum, on the seventh day it starts all over again. "You couldn't make this stuff up"