Saturday, November 7, 2015

Nazis Were Like The Vienna Boys Choir In Snappy Dress Compared To Kwanstainian Death Cult

War crimes to rival those of Nuremberg - and most at Nuremberg were fabricated accounts acquired by torture.

This sounded like Dresden all over again when I was reading it. They were strafing those who tried to flee the hospital. Glad that Kurt Vonnegut did not live to see this nightmare.


Sam said...

I'm going to say something very horrible but true. The reason the West shouldn't be in these places is because this kind of mass slaughter is exactly what you have to do to win wars today. All this talk about 4th generation warfare is complete bullshit if you're ruthless enough. Just kill them all an there will be no resistance. We could take Afghanistan in two or three months if we acted like the Romans did. For all the salivating over Roman "civilization" that's exactly what the Romans did. They went to an area and told them to pay us taxes or we kill everyone. I'm not for this kind of behavior. America shouldn't try to run the planet. I could care less about running the world.

dé bile said...

MSF workers are unbearable self righteous snubs. I can see why someone working for a higher power would have no qualms shooting them down for the sake of a greater cause.