Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kwanstainia Used To Dominate the World In Stealth Technology

Not any more. Past glories do not apply forty years later.

Can be make or break in a nuclear conflict. If you can't detect a first strike until you have been struck you may not be striking back at all. The retaliatory striking capacity can be lost if their strike upstrokes your own strike before you've struck. Again, Civil Defense can be the deciding factor every single time in a nuclear war. If you have no pawn pieces left it doesn't matter if you still have your King or Queen remaining on the board.

The craziest notion of them all is imagining World War III continuing to be waged by automatics even with the majority of the citizens dead. That's the worst nightmare of them all.

Mankind better hurry if they want to fight their final war before the planet finishes them all off.

The only thing that makes sense in a world like this is a vault.

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lysander said...

That short film "Fortress" is one of the best I've ever seen. I've wondered if the fabled 'Black Night' satellite is a relic from a ancient war, maybe an early warning sensor, or a weapons platform that is out of ammo. Speaking of war, Tex, have you seen "The Silent City"?

It's a very well done short film about a future war. Here's a link: