Thursday, November 26, 2015

Geraldo Rivera's Daughter Was An Eyewitness Everywhere

That's right.

I should have copyrighted "You couldn't make this stuff up" years ago when I had the chance. Now everybody is using it.


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@ bice

"France plans to violate the Human Rights Declaration through the State of Emergency"

Mind you, this is one of the largest newspaper in France and not some shady alternative site, it's official.

Ave said...

But wait ! There's more !

In the whole Greater Paris area, following articles cannot be purchased from today at midnight until the 13th of december, because they could be used to manufacture explosives :
- domestic fuels (like for instance those used in petrol stoves)
- firecrackers and related pyrotechnics
- gas cartidges (for campign stoves for instance)

Carrying or transporting any of these items in the area would mean you would be fined by the police.

I bet the extremists will now be deterred to purchase these in other regions (one hour drive) because they would be fined. I have been in poorer families and those petrol stoves are often used daily - and these people don't have the time nor the ressources to have alternatives.

There was a protoype for this situation, not far from where I live, in 2009 :

There too, just like now, they feared "black block" extremists which were blantantly agitprop goons. Access lids to the sewers were welded shuit and people in the centre area had to enter a cordonned off area, where police would escort them home, and they were told to maintain their windows closed, or snipers would shoot them without warning. We didn't hear about "black block" ever again in six years until now...

And they're making a huge thing of that silly conference

What best for a false flag event ?