Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Camp Of The Saints

An exit strategy for traitors ...

I've heard these stories about what is happening over there. I just can't believe them. It sounds so ridiculously apocalyptic. It is essentially a coup staged with international refugees as a passive invasion force.

As mentioned here on Vault-Co:

  1. All refugees appeared at once without being stopped at borders.
  2. The majority of them appear to be from countries other than Syria.
  3. They have brand new clean clothes and appear to be remarkably well fed.
  4. They have fully charged mobile phones with unlimited credits.
  5. They all seem to know enough English to begin demonstrating angrily immediately after arriving.
  6. They all appear to know how to milk the respective systems in Europe to demand everything.
  7. They mostly constitute unemployed men, not women and children. Women and children are just the ones we are shown photos of.
Did Soros set up warehouse sized lecture halls somewhere to teach these people to be revolutionaries before paying for their transport to Europe, where they also passed out survival kits and arranged for hot meals? This sounds to be the case.

Believe it or not, a big factor in my settling in Australia was the fact it was surrounded by seas making it difficult to import them en masse this way. I knew that no matter how big the treason, there would still be the factor of logistics. When I initially moved here I also thought that the final line of defense would always be a well armed population. They began to chisel away at that by '94 and staged a false flag to justify a confiscation in '97. Apparently people working on destroying sovereignty here had planned this in advance a long time ago.

It doesn't matter if God exists or not. That has nothing to do with it. The fact is, once you strip away religion from any civilisation you have essentially opened them wide up to immunoviruses and weakened their immune system to infection. After this happens it becomes natural for the native population to spontaneously suicide in the name of the "good" and the "fair." Once they no longer have a common context, they no longer have a context, period. The death of Christianity in Europe was a sure sign they were about to be torn apart and scattered to the winds like the Carthaginians.


HalibetLector said...

I think you're close. This article[0] shows that Libya threatens to send migrants as a weapon. That one was recent, but This article[1] from back in February shows ISIS threatening to send half a million migrants to europe as a psychological weapon. Six months later, the flood started. And if ISIS is a US cointel operation, that means Soros and Israel are indirectly waging war on white people. Yes, yes, I know you're not a fan of the white nationalist movement. To me, it's just another version of Neanderthal Preservation, widened to include white saps too. I'd much rather live with white saps than black, brown or yellow.


bicebicebice said...

If there is a will there is a way, especially when there is Neanderthal on the menu.
When scores of them have drowned,trying to island hop to Australia, I wouldn't put it past them to build a corpse raft. I can imagine them paddling with dismembered arms and legs shouthing with glee, while punching their fists in the air.

Or maybe a man made bridge, if you know what I mean. They are willing to risk everything crossing the mediterranean, they don't give a shit about their infants beeing washed up dead on the rocks of Greece, as long as they can rape whiteys women and kick him dead on the street, 20 vs 1, sap style.

Same play, different actors.

They only deterrent that seems to working so far is no welfare, forests which they are afraid of, and cold snowy weather( too lazy/stupid to plow ). They are a tropic species after all.

Phlebas the Phoenician said...

Soros ought read the Second Psalm.

Grogard said...

Not just christianity, any normal values are under attack. And the obvious end result is total societal collapse.

Ave said...

I posted a comment there saying "Dmitri Orlov is part of the Goerge Soros Team" , don't know why it didn't appear in the comments.

Dmitri Orlov is a shady character, his Five Stages of collapse are only justified by his "I lived through the soviet collapse, trust me" or he borrows ideas from others, usually much better than him, such as Dennis Meadows. His survival strategy is to become a sea gypsy (I kid you not). I once read an article about a middle-class guy sliding into poverty, who tried the boat solution, only to find out that the thing couldn't be heated and his strategy failed. At least that guy had the decency of warning others about it, NOY like Orlov.

Last year he had articles written by a black woman about how disgusting it was to have older men going out with younger women. ( )

It is all agitprop in the same direction, which is to impose a authoritarian regime in Germany and possibly the EU.
They field tested the concept with Tsipras, who made a referendum and did the exact oppiste of what the people had massively voted for, about a week later.

Also, strange articles start to appear in France, about how "40% of the French are tempted by authoritarian government" ( )

As a basic rule, if the media talks about something all the time, you know it's a propaganda attack.

FrankNorman said...

This is sounding a bit like your Cro-Magnon invasion of paleo-Europe scenario.

I've seen various ideas about who is being this. The Russians, or the Turks - or the West's own ruling elite.

Texas Arcane said...

@Halibet Lector

I think the problem could be fixed in 8 hours if the leaders running these countries were sincere. I think Vladimir Putin could kick all these people out in a few hours. Clearly, there is some playacting here with all these "leaders" pretending to throw their hands up helplessly. This is just not the case.

It's bad enough suffrage led to an effeminized politics that cannot demonstrate martial virtues - now it is revealed to increasingly be incapable of simply defending borders against invasion altogether. Male and female, they are all screeching in high pitched wails and running around in circles.

Proper people would never let this happen to begin with (how'd these people get past checkpoints all over Europe?) and they could clamp down on this problem in a minute if they actually wanted to. They are all essentially hysterics whatever gender and incapable of doing anything. Such people have no qualifications whatsoever for leadership. This is around the time the army stages a coup in most civilized nations, simply to preserve the nation they are sworn to protect.

Ave said...

Texas Arcane, I live 50 km from the German border and have relatives in Germany. The Orlov article is agitprop, pure and simple, and about as real as Iraqi weapons of mass destruction or kuwaiti babies being left to die in nurseries.

As I said, this is a media blitz, with the agenda of bringing about an authoritarian rule over Europe.

The real threat to their power are blogs and sites just as yours. If you close a blog and don't jail its writer, the writer makes another one. If you jail the writer (or declare him insane etc.) then... think about it.

FrankNorman said...

Phlebas the Phoenician said...

Soros ought read the Second Psalm.
November 7, 2015 at 8:50 PM

Unfortunately, he probably has - but he doesn't interpret it the way you do. People like him basically think themselves to be God's appointed rulers on Earth, insofar as they think about God at all.

KW Jackson said...

Of course the Gov could stop it. Look at the "de-Nazification" of Germany. 5 million dead civilians and another million soldiers dead of thirst and starvation in the Rhine Meadows. Or the Iron Curtain of Russia to keep the proles in the "workers paradise" that was so good they would machine gun anyone trying to leave. China's "cultural revolution" of relocating at least 17 million high school graduates to the country to force them to farm. When anyone is in charge of large numbers of armed and obedient men they can make almost anything happen - at the point of a gun - which is the only reason the Rape of Europa is taking place. The state's guns are aimed at the existing inhabitants whilst yelling, "Comply!"

bicebicebice said... there is nothing these people wont do, now europe is swamped with them! Treason!

Russell (106) said...

Tex, all too often I read a post from you that is almost word for word what I had been telling someone else.

It's kind of uncanny.

I called it an invasion as soon as I saw the pictures. People gave me blank stares at first, but now they are starting to nod their heads.

This is a brilliant plan. Evil as all get out, but brilliant. Attack Europe using their own blindness to let them cooperate with their own destruction.

"The fact is, once you strip away religion from any civilisation you have essentially opened them wide up to immunoviruses and weakened their immune system to infection. "

Been saying that, too. Especially about the US government. It's an infection, a moral infection, and the very defenses against it we've tossed overboard as a culture. Except a few loons, working on long term storage plans and how to survive long enough to start to rebuild.

bicebicebice said...

There was a debate today on swedish television regarding the "Itz", the man on the left likes the ITZ, the guy on the right is the leader of the only opposition party in Sweden, since the rest of them teamed up in a coalition against them so the ITZ could continue. A picture says more than a thousand words, am i rite?


dé bile said...

''It doesn't matter if God exists or not.''

Yes it does you goddamned heathen. A civilization deprived of the sense of holiness subjects itself to the full depravity of materialism, which is by definition absurd. It was only a matter of time since the Renaissance.