Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cobalt-60 Is Making A Huge Comeback in Weapons

Just like we told you a decade ago. All-out no-holds-barred Klausewitzian Death Match with no nation exempted in the battle for the crown of world empire. Anybody who thinks there will be any rules in World War III will be numbered amongst the losers.

The only thing I miss about Firehold Bravo is the deep rock it was sunk in. I am situating my next shelter in identical foundations but with a much more liveable interior.


bicebicebice said...

FrankNorman said...

What happened to "Firehold Bravo", Tex?

Ave said...

Well in 2015 the Swiss Civil Defense program still insists that families stock up food, the annual exercise enlarging the threats to cyberwar (that triggers a complete electrical blackout) and a simultaneous pandemic.

I find the conjunction of two threats of different nature a very interesting hypothesis. People can follow guildelines on one single, well identified threat, but having to decide on two threats with little information (because of the blackout) would actually moot the preparations of a lot of people.

People who "could have made it" based on what is at home without being into survivalism have no chance in a combined threat scenario.

This is why one should go straight to the no-risk scenario : if you can survive nuclear warfare you can survive most combinations of threats.