Saturday, November 7, 2015

Chocolate Flavoured Koch Brothers Animatronic Puppet Self Destructs

Carson got caught in some absolute whoppers in his autobiography.

Saying you were considering applying to West Point is one thing. Saying you were offered a full scholarship and commission at West Point but turned it down is world class lunatic scam artist chicanery. Such a man could never be considered trustworthy enough to be President.


Phelps said...

The whoppers were the lies politico told. Any sane person could tell they were lies when the top of the web browser says "".

Carson was almost certainly told by Westmoreland that he could get a spot at West Point. All spots at West Point are "free rides" because you pay for them in service after graduating. So, if he was told he could get into West Point (and as the top ROTC student in Michigan and black to boot, that's certainly true) then he was offered a free ride.

His biography (the same source) says that he said no thanks, I don't want to do the service after (a decision I'm sure you'll agree with), I want to go straight into medicine, and the only place he even applied to was Yale.

The Big Lies are coming out against Carson now, since he's the one for the Establishment Media to fear, and it's time to see if he can make them pay for it. If he can't, he can't operate as President.

Ave said...

I am currently reading something very interesting about how gays form a distinct network in politics, and have been very influential in German politics in the 19th century and 20th century
(alas the article is in french : )

Also, the article points to the existence of such a network inside neo-nazi Ukkraine

This would explain why a complex society doesn't work in the interest of the family but tries to build itself as a substuitute family (and a failed one, for lack of personnal experience in that regard...). I wonder how these gay networks could be found in Rome (yawn...) or in the Maya culture, Babylonia etc. etc.

dé bile said...

Familial societies in no way prevent degeneracy. The powerful families usually hoard the power over the generations and drive the whole thing down for the sake of their selfish selves.

See the medieval society and the double discourse given between the peasants and the nobles. The peasants didn't even have the right to bury their own on their soil, they had to surrender them to the church, and call the priest ''father''. So much for patronizing, they lived in an eternal classroom.

I would not even be surprised if Cleve is right and it turns out the world is still run by close knit dynasties.