Monday, November 23, 2015

Bolshevist Coup Assembles Proscription List Against Literature

Amazon sells books by people claiming the earth is flat but it won't sell one which proves beyond the smallest fraction of a doubt that nobody died at Sandy Hook.

All totalitarian societies begin to ban literature and ideas and this one is no different from all the ones in the past.

Think of how harmless it would be to say the Hindenberg Disaster was faked. Of course it could be published because nobody could take it seriously. You can't say Sandy Hook was a complete fraud and do you know why? Because it's true and even a small examination of the facts will make it clear.


Eric Green said...


Could be bad. Almost certainly this has been planned for some time by the Anglo-Zionists. Keep in mind Turkey itself is a NATO member so any brawl between Russia and Turkey would demand a response from USA-NATO. Certainly the Russians know this which is why their response has been measured but Putin will have to retaliate somehow.

Stay loose.

Sitara said...

Russian War Room command center: