Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Are We Still Nuts At Vault-Co?

I can't tell anymore. Here's an easy rule : if you read it here 15 years ago then it's crazy. If you click on this link right now, it is sane. Scientamajistic types agree that special media juice makes it rational.

"Up to a decade!" WOW! For a conceded 60% decline in output!!!!  Wait, I am only a layman but isn't a 60% decline in output called a ...

G R A N D  M I N I M U M

... not a Dalton or a Maunder. A Grand Minimum. Apocalyptic end-of-civilization machete wielding naked bloody men running through the snow swinging wildly. Babies, the other white meat style ITZ.

Our unyielding, almost perfectly consistent theme at Vault-Co for the past fifteen years has been that we stand at the cusp of a Grand Minimum with all that entails. Nuclear war, plague, famine and social collapse are only side effects. The Grand Minimum and a possible magnetic reversal during our lifetimes has been primary tautology here for over a decade. Coming when it does, at the end of a badly declining Western civilization, it is impossible to underestimate how severe the changes coming to the world are going to be.

A war that will never happen as long as America stays strong. They said that fifty years ago. The fear was a world someday that looked exactly like the current one. I still can't understand how somebody reaches my conclusions many years after I have and still insists I am some kind of lunatic.


bicebicebice said...

I read it like this " swinging wild babies " hehe. Hotheads wills be cooled, i for one welcome our new snowmen overlords.

As long as it doesn't reach below minus 50 celsius here in Sweden it will be fine, thats just a normal winter, worst case senario the Sami people will finally make their move and conquer the Scandinavian peninsula.

Proper Neanderthal climate, i dont understand how you can live in Australia! Too hot, now that is nutty!

bicebicebice said...

Fubar said...

Well, this proves it. The sun is racist.

Rowan said...

The most interesting thing about this article is the source.

But Tex, you no longer have a vault? Why have you stepped backwards? What's the plan?

styrac1 said...

This is something out of a sci-fi movie: How they build bridges in China

Grogard said...

Imagine if china doing all these 'weird' building projects is just practice for rebuilding the rest of the world from the end times.

dé bile said...

You realize they used to say that in the 70s? You had a growing minority just like you who thought they were on the fringe for pointing out that Russia had a superior military.
Then in the 80s there was a panic and suddenly everyone started thinking the reds were about to overrun europe

But then how did that end up? Russia has been growing decadent at the same speed as the US. What is moral degeneracy, sugar and distractions in the US is alcohol, abject poverty and gross corruption in Russia.

Now china tho, no one has been speaking about it the way it's really going to end up in a few decades. An unstoppable superpower leaking ubermenschen (relative to us).