Friday, November 20, 2015

Another Must-See Residential Beauty

This one looks incredible. Wish I had 17 million to spare in change. I think I am just a little short.

Beautiful, spacious layout. These guys knew what they were doing in 1969.


styrac1 said...

World capital of sodomy and degeneracy

standardtpage said...

You pay 17 M$ and the US Government knows where your vault is and its blueprint.

I'm subjected to television on my gym. I think the channel was Fox (yes, we have it on our local channel package). They had a survivalist family put through some tests and scenarios. They had a log tower with booby traps around it, which they wanted to defend with their rifles. In one episode they had US Army personnel putting them through an ABC decontamination procedure.

US Ç´overnment and Army do not lend help to something that is opposite to their goals, and they already have designated preppers and conspiracy theorists as enemies, or at least suspects.

My thought is that the US Government is trying to tie survivalists into their system to monitor and control them. Giving free or cheap courses is a very enticing treat to many people. Then they will have a better estimate on the numbers of preppers, their thoughts, capabilities, location of resources, human networks etc. Many can be converted to form somekind of apparatus and extension of goverment. I bet the next move is to license and regulate survivalism to filter out and target the real hardcore ones.

Does anyone have any more info on this deveploment?

bicebicebice said...

Many reasons to get a vault, even more reasons to build an underground society! Badum tish

Texas Arcane said...


100% was only kidding.

I am well aware of the possibility that the government may only be selling that former command centre to get somebody to custodian it with full intention of simply reclaiming it at gunpoint prior to need. I was thinking that when I posted it. You couldn't give me that place, it's just a spook house and probably wired for sound.

I agree with you that all centralised programs attempting to get survivalists to register themselves are purely for information purposes. Never take anything the government offers you. There ain't no free lunch and they are always trying to get intel on what they plan to make into an enemy combatant when the time comes.