Sunday, November 1, 2015

"Advantageous" Directed By Jennifer Phang

This was a nightmarish dystopian post-human film about the sort of horrible world you would expect they are trying to create in the near future with Agenda 21.

Human beings are worthless junk gradually discarded by machine androids and a genetically engineered elite who contrive to trick people into paying to be exterminated in what they think is a rebirth. It was very disturbing to watch. I have thought along similar lines many times when hearing about the approaching wonders of having consciousness copied into fresh bodies to achieve "immortality." There was so much in the film that is merely an extension of what is happening right now.

It's a sign of the times that about half the people who watched it didn't understand what they were seeing. The confused comments on Rotten Tomatoes makes it clear that most people would need voice narration or a talking bear to explain to them what was happening. They clearly had trouble following along without more explosions or car chases.

I was of the opinion the film was brilliant but very slow moving.

When Agenda 21 is complete, the elites plan to live in a beautiful, sparsely populated world waited on by their machines and with true immortality. The other 99% of all the ugly, sweaty people on the planet they desire to see dead when they are done. I really believe that they see WW3 as the first big cull, followed by many successive culls to trim the fat back. They would like to see a world where outside of their elite circles, human life is regarded as utterly worthless and they dominate the remaining people like cattle.

I know of course that none of this will work out the way they hope it will. Nevertheless, I also understand their psychotic dream. It is paradise through the lens of Satan. This film was really effective at capturing that.

The last thing I watched that I found as upsetting as this was the second episode of "Black Mirror" from the UK, "15 Million Merits" where human beings lived in brightly coloured stalls and were taught to pedal bicycles to earn their keep.


Jebediah Kerman said...

Cattle ? You mean "goyim" ?

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Ave said...

I am a teacher in a very selective program (bilingual class) in which the chikldren can't enter if they haven't been in the proper kindergarden. I kid you not. Since a few years it's being opened up a bit, but that doesn't make much of a difference.

I also teach to normal classes. The best students come fromthe normal classes.

Overprotective environments are not good for the development of a child's mind. First, they develop a hive mind that get reinforced by the mutual rejection between them and the "outside world". Then, they have a very inflated perception of themselves, and it is reinforced by the same bias from their parents.

The things that get taught at school are very sketchy, it doesn't help people getting further in life and even employment. All it gives in a degree in something that loses its value within a year.

Many people reading or writing blogs such as Vault-Co have made their very own decisions in life, sometimes against universally accepted dogmas. They also seldom have something to show for it, except what's inside their mind or their heart.

These environments are already mental cloning vats. Of course , some individuals in these selective classes fought against the prevailing conformism and became better because of it, but on the other hand too much frail spirits have been crushed inside the hive mind.

Some think that gated communities are going to survive the apocalypse (for instance, that FerFAL guy...), whereas a better experience of life tells us that it is not going to be the case, and that life inside it is not worthy.

It is the spirit that survives. Everything can be recreated, if the spirit survives. Else, we transform ourselves willingly into cattle.

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Aeoli Pera said...

The short version was phenomenal.

styrac1 said...

Kwainstania: Middle class white population literally being wiped out: