Sunday, October 4, 2015

Vaccines Kill and Kill Again

Doctors who know from firsthand experience vaccines weaken, debilitate and manufacture chronic illness in children that will endure for the remainder of their lives.

Check out the reproducible studies showing that children who get the measle and mumps naturally will have built-in protection against heart attack and stroke and tend to live much longer than those who were vaccinated.

Every time you get that flu shot you are on the roulette wheel of madness, death and paralyzation. Those are only the obvious outcomes. Long term damage is far more insidious.

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Sam said...

One of the worst things about this is proper vaccines work. They work great. There is nothing wrong with the principle on how vaccines work. The problem is the companies manufacturing vaccines have immunity from being sued and so they produce crap. Even in a best case they will still have a small number of people react badly to any vaccine.