Saturday, October 17, 2015

U.S. Fighting Terrorists ... Russia Fighting Terrorists

Apparently Turkey is seeing clean shaven ISIS recruits flood across it's border trying to escape the targeted strikes by the Russians which have virtually wiped their entire organization out in less than one week of concerted activity. This is after two years of what was claimed to be a campaign waged by the U.S. against these same terrorists with no apparent effects of any kind whatsoever.


styrac1 said...

Neanderthals outwitted, outsmarted and prevented Saps from entering Europe for 40 thousand years, forcing them to look elsewhere for gang-rape and mass slaughter.

cbenediccengi said...

concise little analysis.

Edward said...

Well since the US were both funding and bombing ISIS at the same time, it was in their interests to continue the charade as long as possible, to maximise the amount of news coverage they could make out of it, and possibly also maximise the amount of public funding funnelled through to defence contractors, and cover up whatever other agendas they might have been attempting to operate in the area.

I guess the Russians just came in as said, "See, now we've solved that problem for you, it wasn't that difficult was it?", to which the US can only mumble.

Edward said...

I love this take, Guardian demonstrates modern obsession with narrative over reality

Russia, Iran, and China – who all took their fair share of shots at the US during their UN speeches – have gamed the system here. They say “Oh no, there are terrorists in Syria – we should fight them”, and America, and their Saudi friends, can do nothing but grit their teeth, unable to object without revealing the real agenda.