Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thermonuclear War For The Temple Mount's Sake

... except it isn't the Temple Mount. It is a Roman fortress built by Herod called Antonia. Israelis fail at basic history and geography. If you didn't know better you'd think it is their first time in this region.

On three separate occasions Roman tablets have been excavated at the site and been promptly "disappeared" by Israel State Security. The "Temple Mount" serves an important purpose - it provides a pretext for conflict.

If Israelis really cared about the Temple Mount they'd simply move to the real one and erect a temple for Jerusalem there. It would be too easy. That stiff-necked pride that cannot concede it might be in error. Not a trait to be expected of the children of Abraham but rather the men who killed all the prophets. They'd rather mock the Torah and build on top of one of the pagan Herod's extravagant orgy palaces. You'd think they do not really consider it to be their book at all.

It makes sense in a way since a few blocks away there is a solid mile of white slave whorehouses. For a people without guilt, can anything ever really be "wrong?" Yet Adam in Hebrew was the man "who shows red in the face." The children of God blush with shame when they have done something wrong. It is built into their hardware.


MycroftJones said...

According to Daniel 8, Temple won't be rebuilt for another 400 years. Plenty of time for them to correct the narrative and the Temple site. In the meantime, Jerusalem is a cup of trembling. (Zechariah 12)

Ave said...

>> Not a trait to be expected of the children of Abraham but rather the men who killed all the prophets.

A few years ago I spoke with an interesting guy who told me Mahomet himself might very well have been jewish (you know, being a merchant and all that).

Could it be that Jews actually are the MANUFACTURERS OF RELIGIONS ? Hence their pivotal role in Communism (Marx), Marketing (Bernays) Psychoanalysis (Freud), all Esoteric shit and Feminism. Also, the caste system in India is a sad joke, built under british rule ("comapny raj", look that up) upon a caste system that was basically the equivalent of medieval craftmans' guilds. And probably more.

We could say they hacked the first computers, or at least the programmable ones (Sapiens ?).

A lot of good traits Tex attributes to Neanderthals are linked with spirituality and transcendance, which in essence is the exact opposite of religions. Religions are football teams with their hooligans from a time before football was invented.

Lugh said...

Christ himself said of the Temple, Not one stone shall be left upon another. Yet Christians are tricked into worshiping there and betraying Christ's word.

Ave said...

@ lugh

Isn't this the evangile of Saint Thomas ?

Grogard said...

The roman fort has to be built on an ancient megalith site. No one would make a fort like that. The temple also had giant stones as well. So even if the site is wrong, the temple must have been made of the same materials. The temple probably had something there for 8000 years at least.

Edward said...

Take a look at this Google Tech-talk, it pretty much sums up all the social control mechanisms involved.
So if you were born a citizen of Farmville, and Mr. Zichermann were your local hereditary monarch, well I'm sure there would be some kind of local mythology that justified his divine right to be autocratic and dictatorial. And yes, if you ever thought of talking about Neo-Nazis, there'd be some kind of reward on offer for steering well clear of that subject in future. Maybe the prospect of having dinner with Walt Mossberg is almost as incentivising as the idea of getting into heaven.

It's only a small jump from there to looking at the Federal Reserve as the local token issuing authority, and maybe thinking about the national debt and what that really means if the tokens are essentially meaningless yet the total number of them keeps going up and up.

I'm not sure if he gets it or not, but he's pretty much written the playbook for creating the social meme-plex for your own minor civilisation. He doesn't seem to have thought it all through though, or maybe he has.. What is it he thinks the IRS is actually doing but annually saying 'stop', and rolling back the log, to see who won and who lost and who cheated who, and maybe reallocating some resources to ensure a bit more 'fairness' going forwards?
(OK, opinions on the concept of fairness in taxation policy are divided, I get it, but you can see how any closed system like that also needs a redistributive self-balancing system to prevent all the tokens in the economy ending up in too few peoples hands).

This book has an example of a capitalism simulation, and it isn't pretty what happens even with an initial pool of equally skilled/virtuous/hardworking simulated players, some interactions win, some interactions lose, but over many iterations the winners tend to keep winning till the rest are impoverished, and that's without their being able to bribe their way to protectionist policies, kill off labour unions, or create complex financial instruments and usurious consumer credit lines.

So if FarmVille etc. is just a sandbox to try out a few new strategies in, see how those little 'consumers' behave under various pressures, I'm sure once you graduate from being the master of simulated worlds to the real economy you get some much better toys to play with.