Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Toe

The Celtic people said they were the progeny of the Tuatha De Danann, whom they defeated, took prisoner, forced the children to make weapons for them and took their women as their wives.

The Mycenaeans were the Celtic people (DNA confirms it). They founded a great civilisation called Mycenae which eventually collapsed for the usual reasons. They then became the Greeks and for 2000 years people forgot they were originally Celtics (The "Keltoi"). Some people believe the Homerian myth cycle itself originates in the war between Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals and later got transported from Northern Europe to a different setting.

The Greeks made Greece great and the Greeks didn't even know the entire time they were originally sea-faring Celtic peoples. Greece collapsed in the usual cycle and the whole of the Greek people were taken into slavery by the Romans.

The Romans were made great for only one reason and it was their Greek slaves. The Greeks were responsible for nearly every single great achievement the Romans are credited with but they don't get credit because Romans did not countenance Greeks.

The Roman Empire collapsed and the best Greeks fled to found Byzantium, one of the most important civilisations of the ancient world. The Vatican church forged historical records to conceal the truth - Byzantium was never a theocracy. It was a Republic. Kings were revered as protectors of men's rights in Byzantium and when they stopped protecting men's rights they were overthrown. Byzantium was one of the wealthiest and most prosperous in the world and starvation was unknown there. The Byzantines were crusaders for truth and justice, forbidding slavery and sending armies out to crush slave strongholds worldwide which were entirely dominated by Jews. Many of the slavers fled and ended up in Holland where they eventually formed the largest slave trade the world has ever known centuries later dealing in white European slaves and slaves from Africa. The Dutch slavers held a monopoly they defended with private armies of their own on the slave trade. Don't believe the fake history you read about Byzantine slavery. It is nothing but fabrication using the Slavs and Bulgari captivity and transporting it from Russia to Byzantium. Remember, Byzantium was hated and envied by nearly everybody around it including both Jews and Catholics and they were the ones who got to pretend to record parts of its history. Byzantium had serfs, not slaves and this academic was risking his career publishing a truth that is forbidden by the people who control education. I read this book and it was obvious the Byzantine slave markets were an invention of the Vatican no more real than Wyverns and Dragons. In Byzantium you could join a house as a serf and all your needs in life would be taken care of. It wasn't slavery because a serf could walk away from these houses any time they wanted to. For people with few economic opportunities it was a stepping stone to a better life. Many of these "serfs" went on to positions in the royal court and government and their sponsors provided the network of contacts they needed to get these appointments. Remember that one of the most important reasons for modifying history can be that the tyrants who rule today don't want you to find out that the past may have been much better, instead of worse as they always like to teach.

If you wonder why the Jews hated Byzantium so much they'd still be slandering it 2000 years later, it was because of two bodies of law in Byzantium called the Theodosian and Justinian codes forbid them to do many things they had historically made nice livings off with a special emphasis on outlawing usury. Note that as in Spain under the Inquisition, Jews could have left Byzantium any time they wanted to, including relocating to Palestine. Large numbers of Jewish people in Byzantium were executed when they were found to be dealing in Christian slaves. As revenge, they saw to it Byzantium entered the history books as a "nation big on slavery." As always, the exact 180 degree opposite of the truth. (If you read the heavily biased Wikipedia entry above, you will discover in the details that despite centuries of strict guarantees of their security as they lived in Byzantium, Jews were foremost in forming a fifth column to support Muslim invasions and worked to supply them with weapons, resources and intelligence, eventually being the main reason Byzantium was finally destroyed by a huge coalition of forces all around it while still choosing to live inside of Byzantium for decades and pretend to be loyal citizens.)

Byzantium lasted a long time (beyond the usual 200 year limit) but eventually collapsed. The Byzantines were scattered all across Europe and by this time the nation formerly known as Greece was occupied by entirely different races of people who had little or no original greek ancestry.

When you take the lens of the Catholic Church away from your eye and look at history again, the most advanced civilisation of the ancient world before the Dark Ages (a real theocracy) was absolutely Byzantium. Not Greece or Rome. Everybody on the planet has a vested interest in keeping you from the truth - the most advanced of all the civilisations of the ancient world was A Christian Republic called Byzantium founded mostly by original Greek people.

The common thread running through Mycenae, Greece, Rome and Byzantium was the Greek people, a race of Celtics who had forgotten where they were from.

What about their legends of having come from the defeat, conquest and enslavement of the "Tuatha De Danann?" Was there any truth to it?

We need only look to what is called biologically "The Greek Foot." The Greeks were stronger, more muscular and had far harder bones than the Romans. They were chimney shaped whereas the Romans were broad-shouldered.

The French have a different name for the foot in the middle. They called it "Pied De Neandertal," or the "Toe of the Neanderthal." It has always been the most outstanding feature of the foot on every fossil they have ever examined of that strange race of men.


styrac1 said...

How about, no

Greeks were mostly indigenous, of the Pelasgian race, except for the northern invaders like the Dorians who settled in places like Sparta.

The Greeks had two distinct racial types and in places an admixture of both:

"The historian Herodotus (484-420 BC) recorded that the Athenians were “a Pelasgian people [who] had occupied Attica and never moved from it,” as were the Arcadians."

"Thus, classical Greece was a fusion, both cultural and racial, of these two types of whites. Some city-states, such as Thebes and Sparta, were predominantly Nordic. Others, such as Athens, were predominantly Mediterranean, and still others were mixtures of the two."

MycroftJones said...

Byzantium: the only empire to survive the Glubb limit.

I read somewhere that they held national debt down, kept interest rates near zero. As it specifies in the Bible. Sure, the Muslims beat them... but the Muslims also had a zero-usury policy. And now the zero-usury Muslims are on the rise again, regaining their strength. Tremble, Christians.

From reading the Bible, I think Calhoun made a fundamental mistake in his work; I believe he could have prevented stage C4 and maybe C3 by

a) making the rats work for the food
b) making the food be proportional to a small piece of land; a certain amount of food per land.

Working for your bread, and having an intimate connection with the land, keeps you too busy and focused for most of the C3 and C4 shenannigans. Centralization of wealth expedites C3 and C4. What does Genesis 3 say? By the sweat of your brow, you shall toil and make your bread from the ground. The alternative to this is much worse than mere toil and sweat.

If you are cursed by the Almighty, embrace it lest a worse befall you.

Ave said...

>> Sure, the Muslims beat them...

How about : the Catholics betrayed them, instead.

Or also the role of that transylvanian guy Orban
who took german cannon technology (not his own invention - you know this kind of people from the corporate world) and supplied it to the Turks (by divine justice he was killed by the explosion of one of his copies)

Sam said...

Amazing that the Byzantine empire lasted over 1000 years. It would seem of utmost importance to study how they did so. Forbidding high or any interest would seem a part of it. Not letting the Jews run your currency or the banking system would help.

An interesting link with lots of accounts of very early footprints and tools. Very early.

styrac1 said...

It was the Venetians who used the Papacy in the fourth crusade to destroy Byzantium.

Guess who the "Venetians" were. The ones who later where "Dutch" then moved to the "City" of London. They were the original controllers of the Persian empire known as "Babylonians" after the Persians released the Jews from captivity. They were the ones who pitted the Persians against the Greeks and were the ones Alexander sought out to destroy seeking revenge. They have been fighting against the common thread Tex mentions running through Mycenae, Greece, Rome and Byzantium of the Greek people for 3000 years.

ncartist said...

The Celts were Israelites of the ten Northern Tribes, The Spartans were of Simon, and the Athenians were of another. Troy, from which the Romans came was also an Israelite city-state.

Some Israelites were migrating out of Egypt shortly after Joseph and during the time in the wilderness. After being taken away by the Assyrians, the Israelites migrated up and out towards both India and Europe: the Parthian empire was Israelite.

Grogard said...

They're showing the wrong morton toe. For the neanderthal/greek version it's not simply the one toe sticking out far. It's a whole foot configuration, with pinky toe dramatically receded and big toe large as well but receded.

bicebicebice said...

bicebicebice said...

styrac1 said...


Indeed. We must never forget the great intra-Jewish Tojan civil war were six gazillion Jews holocausted each other. L'Chayim.

Askari Rey said...

Earlier this year I met two bona-fide Neanderthals.

The first Thal was named Steve. This dude was built like one of the Dwarfs from Lord of the Rings. He works as a pipe fitter/project manager and he lives in Homewood, Illinois. Recently, he installed all the piping for a new hospital in Chicago. Before that he installed pipework for McDonald's Distribution Centers. (Told me all McDonald's ingredients arrives at the restaurants via pipe. Sick.) Anyway, Steve had that classic Thal hip-to-waist ratio you talk about, Tex. At first he was real standoffish. He warmed up once he realized I gave up trying to sell him something (I'm in sales). Half way through the conversation I realized that Steve's house was twice the size of all of his neighbor's homes. Apparently, Steve started building a master bedroom for the Mrs., got carried away and doubled the square footage of his house. He's not even a carpenter by trade. He brought me in the garage and showed me his Harley. One day Steve woke up bored so he strolled to the garage, started turning wrenches and added about 100 horse power to his bike over the course of a few hours. He's not a motor cycle mechanic either. I kept grilling him about the pipe fitting industry.

I said, "It's good money, isn't it."

He replied, "Yeah, if you can find work. I know guys who haven't worked in ten years. But I have only missed two weeks of work in the last twenty years because I can build anything."

Then he looked me in the eye with deadly seriousness and said, "And everything I build lasts forever."

I hope my writing doesn't make Steve sound boastful because he was anything but. He said "Everything I build last forever" as one would say "Water is wet". No status posturing. Straight relaying of fact.

The second Thal, an electrician living in Mokena, Il, was named Bob. When Bob answered the door I finally realized what you are talking about with the whole deep eye socket thing, Tex. Bob's eye sockets would give the Caloris Basin a run for it's money. He was building a new system of clocks at a local prison. Bob was just wicked smart and he had this air of quiet confidence about him that made him appear to be a very deep and mysterious person to me. Steve had that same quality. Confident in a classy way.

I just chewed the fat with Bob because trying to sell him something would have been too embarrassing. That's the thing I've noticed about Thals. They are great conversationalists and terrible customers. Saps are easy marks. I commonly meet Saps who don't want my service, can't afford my service and occasionally don't even understand what my service is but still buy because they fall for the oldest sales tricks in the history of the universe. Thals spot my sales tricks from light years away. Once a Thal decides that he does not need your product it is over.

Bob and Steve had this aura of what I can only call survivability surrounding their being. It was as if you could abandon them on the moon and come back 20 years later to find that the introverted duo had somehow transformed the dead lunar surface into the Garden of Eden. It was something magical that I cannot properly communicate through text because it is something you have to feel face to face. I wish I would have skipped college and paid one of them 20 grand to be my mentor.

Tex, out of curiosity what do you think are some appropriate occupations for modern people carrying active Thal genes?

Texas Arcane said...

@Askari Rey

Sapiens always needs people who can actually fix, mend, create and build stuff. If you are good at it they will always need you to do it. No matter how many edjamafacated people they hire, the day will always come when they realise they need a 'Thal to do some actual work.

Aeoli Pera said...

@Ashkari Rey,

Steve was pulling your leg or speaking hyperbolically, I've unloaded many of the trucks which carry McDonalds ingredients. Ask any trucker about the McD's fries and they will tell you it is a cash cow for their business..

HalibetLector said...

Does anyone have any suggestions for books on the byzantine empire that are worth reading? Other than the aforementioned "Byzantine Slavery and the Mediterranean World", which I've already ordered. :)

askarirey said...

@Aeoli Pera

Interesting. It was probably a gullibility test.

Edward said...

We've all head of pink slime etc, but it's a bit of a stretch to imagine that they somehow manage to liquefy and reconstitute all their ingredients. Lettuce, tomatoes, doughnuts, etc. So unless the pipes he means are some kind of pneumatic dispatch system, I think you may have got the wrong end of the stick. Not that they wouldn't do absolutely anything they could possibly get away with if they thought no one would find out about it.

I'm sure someone out there saw the Fabricant->Soap->Fabricant cycle in Cloud Atlas and thought "What a good idea! I just need to find a new batch of over-eger Thals to work out some of of the tricky technical details, but that will surely cut down our employee retention/training costs dramatically, which is always good for the bottom line."

My dad was one of these people, doing pipe work for Coca-cola, and lots of other food manufacturers, some phamacuticals, even Huggies nappies. The Coke factories were pretty cool with all the automation, but it's probably best if people don't think too much about how some of the other stuff they consume and use is actually made.
He could build you anything, and make it really robust, but I'm sure was incredibly badly exploited by his employers, who basically worked him till he dropped dead. He didn't go to university either, but taught himself everything he needed to know.
He was falling a little bit behind on the electronics and CAD side of things by the end, but everything changes so fast nowadays. For someone who started tinkering with engines as a teenager there wasn't much he couldn't manage to learn if he had to.
So I did go to univeristy, not that it helped me very much, but I'm now a lot more suspicious of these things. I think I'd sooner not make that kind of money in the first place than be so easily manipulated into making one lot of people so much richer while effectively poisoning/impoverishing/replacing/enslaving another lot.

I want to be proud of my work, but I don't want to just brush the cost of it to others out of sight and out of mind.
Mybe it's just leftist, but I'd still rather be innocent than rich.

Ja D said...

Very interesting.

Aeoli Pera said...

I'd guess he was just goofing off and amusing himself at your expense.

Texas Arcane said...


The funny thing about the Catholic Church (I was raised a Catholic) is that it appears to have never been anything but an instrument of secular policy for Jewish commercial interests. It was the Shabbas Goy hammer that protected the economic predations and criminal markets of the beanie babies with little or no concern for Christianity at all.

The Venetians organized the Fourth Crusade not as a defense against the Muslims, but a blow against Byzantium to cripple their own competitors and destroy them. Funny, almost identical situation today. How little things really change over the years. The same stupid step-n-fetchit goyim doing exactly as they are told. Brainless apes.

"O City, City, eye of all cities, universal boast, supramundane wonder, nurse of churches, leader of the faith, guide of Orthodoxy, beloved topic of orations, the abode of every good thing! Oh City, that hast drunk at the hand of the Lord the cup of his fury! O City, consumed by fire..."

Niketas Choniates laments the fall of Constantinople to the Crusaders

It is believed about 20% of ancient history in the form of manuscripts, relics and artistic treasures was lost at the sacking of Constantinople.

styrac1 said...


I highly recommend watching this:

Fall of an Empire - The Lesson of Byzantium

It's a documentary from a Russian Orthodox perspective about the fall of Byzantium and what Russia - aka the Third Rome which sees itself as the spiritual inheritor of Byzantium - should learn in order to avoid a similar fate. The same ones who destroyed Byzantium in 1204 are the ones that wage war on Russia in our days.

Also anything you can read by Matthew Raphael Johnson

Texas Arcane said...


The past 8 months as a result of reading the two books I mentioned on Vault-Co, I have gradually come to accept that not a single word written about Byzantium by the Vatican scribes could ever be trusted. It wouldn't matter if they said the sky above Byzantium was blue, you should find a second source to confirm that. Have also realised that it is time for me to start examining more and more basic assertions and premises about human history and assume wherever you find something murky or ambiguous you are probably looking at an outright lie. It's a shame but mankind lies like hell about everything. It is no wonder the world is such a screwed up place.

styrac1 said...

Byzantines hated Catholics way more than they hated Muslims/Ottomans. They regarded Western Europeans as barbaric and they used to call them "dumb Franks" (Franks is the generic name they used for all Latins under the Catholic church)

They even had a saying:

"Better the Sultan's Fez, than the Latin's Tiara"

I haven't read this but Philip Sherrard is regarded the top authority on Byzantine studies