Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Elites Plan To Spend The Apocalypse In Style

Nuclear War Done Right.

Amazingly elaborate shelters with luxurious settings.

I told all of you about this fifteen years ago ... we do not factor in their calculations at all. We are no more to them than a fly hitting a windshield causing a smear.

You have to look after your own safety and build your own shelter. The people who run the governments of the world are using the whole sorry affair as a bug bomb, like people who gas for roaches and leave to stay at a vacation cabin in the Poconos for the weekend, hoping to come home to a now sterilized environment. They simply want to see those hundreds of millions of sheeple gone when they get back.

I hope to pull off the greatest joke in human history soon by replacing their vast control systems with a single floppy and open source code. Nothing would please me more than to have the lights and generator die in their shelters and nobody to repair their 10 million dollar embedded control system while Mom and Pop run Vault-OS and never experience any downtime. I'd like to see them in the dark with a flashlight underground talking to the technicians they hired going "I don't understand how the system could possibly break down with what we spent on it! Didn't any of you think of making it robust enough to just keep working?" The technician holds up a $3 dollar chip from China "Apparently these broke down and they are key to the whole control network. They were installed back in 2004 and they appear to have used that defective capacitor formula that was circulating back then. I still think we should have installed that Vault-OS thing from that crazy guy in Australia, I heard he designed it to be maintainable with automobile relays and cheap ubiquitous electronics. All the food in the restaurant has gone off because the thermostat broke and nobody knows how to replace it. I guess it looks like it is going to be cannibalism for everybody. The politicians, lawyers and bankers will have to go first because we need the technicians who have actual skills. Bummer, really. Why don't you strip naked and I am going to see if we have a can of butter spray."


Russell (106) said...

Suddenly, being able to sell toxic bundled assets won't be useful.

bicebicebice said...

Sven Johnson said...

Tex, I'm pretty ignorant of computer programming. Can you recommend a source to get started understanding some of it?

BigCountryExpat said...

It goes to show just how stupid and inbred the elites are... OK... so you manage to "off" 9/10th of the Planets Population... What good is it to be in a position where you no longer have any 'drones' to do the manual labor? Oh... So you're going to spare -some- of the 'slave caste' to continue doing the scut work? Well, you then need to have a guard force... and who pray tell or HOW pray tell are you going to keep 'the guys with the guns' in line? I mean holy crap, what form of endgame f*ckwittery is this? Morons... inbred retards the lot of them.

The Lab Manager said...

I've always wondered why under such dire circumstances that the peons with the guns would want to waste resources keeping poop head politicians alive. Makes no sense really. And even they last a few years, what then in regards to aging and any medical emergencies that would inevitably arise? How would treat it? Who would be trained to rebuild this smaller society?

Sven, try sites like Codecademy and finds some programming classes at Coursera or EdX. Lots of free stuff out there if you are so inclined.

bicebicebice said...

I know, it sounds like Cartman Land, they might inherit the earth, but they can not run it.

Sam said...

"...Why don't you strip naked and I am going to see if we have a can of butter spray..."

I got a good chuckle out of that.


If you want to learn a little programming fast you can't do any better than Rebol. Very quick to get results and the language has great depth so you never stop learning. Here's a link of links about it. Look at the tutorials. Very simple.

Sam said...


I should have included this link. It's on Rebol 3, called R3 usually. It can also be run directly in your web browser. You don't have to download anything to learn some basics.

Don't be intimidated by the first link. It's a lot of stuff. Scroll down and find the easy tutorials. You will be amazed how simple it is.

I need to explain some of the different forms of Rebol. There was a Rebol 2. It's free and is good to use but is closed source. R2 is great for learning as you can download it in one simple easy package and be ready to go. One of the major reasons it didn't take hold was it was closed source and it's price was high if you wanted extras like hiding the code of your programs.

It eventually got open sourced. This is called R3. There are versions of R3 that are used in commercial code. There's also a spin off that's not finished yet called Red Programming Language. A lot of people are banking on it being the next big thing. It's going to be good. The best part about Red is that if you learn Rebol R2, R3 or Red they are very close to the same. All the basic ideas are the same. If you learn Rebol you'll be ready when Red hits the big time and I believe it will.

I need to add that all other programming languages get very difficult to make any kind of Graphical User Interface with. Rebol's GUI is easy to get simple controls up and can be customized to an extreme extent with more work. One more link to show how simple to do GUI work. It's starts from the very beginning if you have no programming experience.

Gary said...

Alleged high rates of RH neg in area(s) correlating with Neanderthal ancestry concentrations such as the Basques? Looks like disinfo when they try and also correlate with "reptilian" over "mammalian".