Saturday, October 17, 2015

Russian Super Weapon That Will Win WW3

An EMP jamming system that makes all electronics (that have not been specially hardened with their own secret technology) nothing more than scrap metal.

How did this happen, you're asking? How did the economic basket case of 1995 turn into the undefeatable super colossus of future war in 2015?

While America argued over gay marriage, pot legalisation and affirmative action ... losing an entire generation of engineers in the interim ... the Russians have been very busy developing new tech even as the United States has remained stuck in amber in 1985. Things have changed a great deal in these 30+ years while America slept. They have woken up like Rip Van Winkle to discover that they are soon doomed to perish at the hands of vastly superior military weaponry like that which they used to design and innovate themselves before losing the thread of their once dominant culture.

Unless Caitlin Jenner has something on the drawing board she isn't telling us about, Kwanstainia is a doomed nation as are all nations that lose the martial virtues.


dé bile said...

And what exactly makes you think America doesn't have the same thing and if not the specific counter or even other advanced tools that make this obsolete?

Jammers are so 1950 anyway. The army has always taken care of leaving a massive gap between their updates and their actual level.
Is Russia getting desperate? Or is this part of an international game of deception that is complex and unfathomable.

Texas Arcane said...

@de bile

You've curled up into a fetal position under a desk and are now retreating into a fantasy world.

Which war did you fight in, soldier? You forgot to mention it. I was in the Army. Remember, the Army always has substantially LESS than they tell people in public.

America is mainly good at sprucing up the White House with rainbow lights. Engineering and military hardware, not so much. You think it is 1959 and John Kennedy is still alive. All that country died a long, long time ago.

I know they have secret orbital weapons. They are the last gasp of the Reagan Star Wars program. After that they mainly have people who use computers to find high quality porno.

The Russians are a nation with the martial virtues. Versus the nation once known as The United States, World War III is going to be over very quickly. America should bring up all her battle carriers so she can win against Hitler. Alas, this isn't WW2. It's WW3.

dé bile said...

I really wish you were right Tex and that the west was gonna go down in flames with a return to a strong eastern centric world.

How much do we know exactly? Why would they disclose the meat of their power?
The tools the army scientists have in hands are beyond the wildest civilian physicist's imagination. I know they have had an habit of appropriating controversial scientist's work for more than a century, storing them god knows where. I also know that the bridge not far from my home is recent and a marvel of engineering, which is a reminder that hordes of high cognitive ants are still at work in the west. Who's to say they haven't engineered a master plan these past decades like civilians engineer these micro computers, towers, logistic grids...
I think it has to do with your particular philosophy which is a strange deformed traditionalism, but you have to accept that there are technically smart people who also happen to be foolish.

Russia on the other hand. They have a long history of being overhyped. Now it's a chaotic feudal nation with isolated pockets of healthy innovating companies in a sea of perpetual economic collapse, social ruin and mafias.
Why don't you focus more on China? these are scary.
But who knows in the end it's the USA who allowed them to get their heads out the water, which puzzles me to this day. Why did they renounce their 90s supremacy?

styrac1 said...

Texas Arcane said...

@de bile

The reputation of empires lives on long after the glory is all past. The U.S. media presents a dead wasteland of feuding immigrant provinces as the intact homogeneous world power of 1955 but that is long gone.

When the barbarians breached the gates of Rome they wondered if they would face the might opposition of the Centurions inside. All they found within was fat tattooed men in togas and no Centurions to be seen.

dé bile said...

It's still a functional country no way on the level of abandonment of the late Roman Empire. The difference being that they are being maintained by two different classes. Russia appears to be much more in Ruin right now, if we have to compare the amount of functional Russian workers vs functional American workers the USA still wins.

Now china on the other hand, is dangerous. Anyone familiar with the east Asian education system knows that they are breeding people who are ready to work 80 hours a week and bust their asses through school with a theoretical base as strong as the early 50s west.
Now if that huge quantity of engineers and other stems don't obliterate American technology in a few decades I'll be damned. Especially with all the easy espionage going on, with soon 50% of American stem students being Asians.

The 21th century wars will be that of super weapons and their counters making Nukes look like primitive slingshots, of that I am sure.¨

Maybe this is part of an old conspiracy originating in the east, the oldest civilizations on earth still standing are there after all. Or maybe not.