Friday, October 9, 2015

Russia Pounding The Crap Out Of U.S. Sponsored Terrorists

This is what an actual military looks like in action.

The past fifteen years the Western nations have raped the 1200 year old foundations of law that have been responsible for everything that it has achieved. They are destroyed all the freedoms of the West and turned them into totalitarian prison camps. During this time all they have done is kill unarmed civilians in foreign nations and pretended they were waging a war against terrorists they created.

The Russians in this video are simply killing the bad guys, all of them on the American payroll. I bet they wished they had chosen to work for another country around this time. I would be curious to know how many Mossad and CIA consultants to these villains have abandoned them and fled. These Cobra Command rejects must know by now that when you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

When you are governed by psychotics, they tell their citizens that this guy is the crazy one :

The great irony is that Vladimir Putin is a Christian and he is vilified by the lunatics running the United States who are all non-Christian atheistic madmen as a dangerous man. So in a majority Christian nation we have the leadership telling its own citizens that Christians are dangerous people who should be killed like Muammar Gaddafi. John McCain has threatened Putin that he will die like Gaddafi if he opposes the New World Order in no uncertain terms. You know a man by his enemies and Putin is hated by some of the biggest Luciferian assholes in the galaxy. That says a lot about him.


KW Jackson said...

"Judge a man by his enemies."

bob k. mando said...

i still consider there to be a considerable possibility that Obama is a deep cover, "controlled opposition" KGB operative.

even if you grant that to be so, that Putin is actually running him ...

Putin makes a great many excellent points.

frankly, i consider Bush jr's failure to ally with Russia against Islam after Beslan to have greatly damaged international relations between our nations for the forseeable future.

IF we were ever to establish a mutually respectful and cooperative relationship between our nations
THEN we threw it away there.

but then, the Bush's are the paid lap dogs of the House of Saud ...