Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Russia Beats "ISIS" In Three Days!!!

Once again, the "Man" has conspired to make a brother look bad. His flush toilets and name brand running shoes are all factors in his cruel diabolical plots to kidnap Africans and then give them first world Medical Care and EBT cards.
For years now we have heard about this unstoppable shadowy black cabal being too difficult to fight with conventional means. The U.S. government has told us all they are Islamic supermen with seemingly unlimited funding coming from their secret sponsors. (The U.S. itself, of course, at Israel's behest so they would have a continuous conflict to justify territorial expansions.)

Russia shows up with their badass face and nearly wipes them out with three days of Putin Peacekeeping. Somebody around here has been bullsh*tting. Can't help but say the first thing that pops into my head and point out that those dudes always looked like a bunch of rejects from Cobra Command riding around in pickup trucks in the desert whooping. All it took was a proper Systema Champ #1 like Vlad the Impaler to get involved. Turns out tranny queens and spouses can't conduct military campaigns competently, whoodathunkit. Time to turn on the rainbow lights again at the White House. Somebody needs to reimburse the American taxpayer for those tanks.

We'll never really know why ISIS and the entire Middle East thought
the United States was a joke but they knew Russia wasn't playing any games.
This is so weird. I can't understand why a career as a male prostitute and community organizer would not be sufficient preparation to be chief executive military leader of the (formerly) free world. Life is just not fair.

The Kwanstain is rapidly becoming recognised as the world's leading power in the field of pretend military engagements with pretend soldiers fighting staged manufactured threats and imaginary villains. Other nations can't even approach their massive retaliatory capacity against situations they actually create themselves spending their own money on.

Obama also continues to excel at bombing children's wards in non-profit hospitals. Good to know they weren't wasting bombs on ISIS targets when they could be vaporizing toddlers in clearly marked hospitals with gigantic red crosses on the roof.


Ron said...

That is unfair. For the past twenty years the Israeli gov has been giving up its territory at the behest of the American gov. They are doing this in spite of the will of the people. Nor is this the first time. At the end of the 6 day war Ben Gurion handed back all the territory we won because Washington told him to.

The Israeli gov is terrified of Washington. You do the truth a disservice when you ignore this.

Awakened said...

Clad the Impaler??? Ugh. That guy was right up there with Bibi the Butcher.

cbenediccengi said...

Russian analysis of migrants.

Takuzdwa Aywok said...
the russians have been dropping this

Sam said...

Ron. You're a damn lair.

The Israeli government is not terrified of the US government but they ought to be. Every day another official comes out about the 9-11 attack by the Israeli's. A simple look at building #7, not hit by a plane, that fell the same speed as a rock dropped in free air for roughly 108 feet will tell you the building was blown up.

The Jews have failed. Matter of time. No one believes your stupid Jew TV. The viewership has fallen like a rock. All of the major media internet sites have to turn off their comments because they are barraged by people pointing out the Jews behind the destruction of the US and just about anywhere else they go. You can't take over the country because we're armed to the teeth. Just the State of Pennsylvania alone has more registered hunters than there are members of the entire US military and fat chance of getting the majority of the US military to help you take over the country in the first place.

The Jews have been kicked out of every damn country they've gone to in any numbers. The reason is simple. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Not all not even the majority but a lot. The Talmud is just a manual for psychopaths. It says the Jews are the only humans, everyone else is an animal, all possessions are really the Jews and everyone should be their slaves. If that's not a big steaming pile of psychopathy I don't know what is. A psychopathic religion for a psychopathic people.

9-11 was a huge fuck up. You should drag Nutty Yahoo and the rest of the bunch responsible for this through the streets behind a truck and beg us for forgiveness. You probably won't so good luck.

Texas Arcane said...


The mass media machine that has always been the thin edge of the wedge is doing record layoffs and preparing in many quarters for bankruptcy. Some of them have been operating at losses for years. Most of television and movies now have to accept once they insert the political programming people stop watching. Glee went gay and people turned it off. Huge loss of income. Games of Thrones went gay and kevorkianed itself. Huge loss of income. They are bleeding losses everywhere you look and that is why this is all a desperate last gambit. Sooner or later you are going to get honest information poking through their curtain of darkness and the instant people realize what has been going on out in the real world the past fifty years, Israel is going to get their money pipe pinched off instantly.

If you're like me then you believe this is when the real sh*t is going to hit the fan. Instead of staging a fake shooting a week Sayanims are going to be doing terrorist attacks every week inside the Western countries. They are well aware that despite their guff they have nowhere near the numbers to control all of this, at least not in the United States. That's why I think they will push the button and start World War Three to cover the whole mess up the same way they burn warehouses and failing businesses for the insurance money.

This isn't a little town in Europe they burned this time and can just go down the road where nobody knows them. This is much, much bigger than any previous epilogue and I think the entire United States is going to get hit by kosher lightning before they can turn off the money. This bust cycle was in front of the whole planet and there is no doubt anywhere on the globe who caused it.

Ron said...


I'm no liar. At worst I'm wrong, but everything I wrote is what I believe to be true.

bicebicebice said...

U.S. NATO chief praises Russia's 'impressive' military presence in Syria

Read more:

I guess a lot of high-ranking U.S. officials have to double screw their pants on in the morning lately. What a farce this has been, i wonder what they will come up with next, they never stop, do they?

Askari Rey said...


are there any news sources you trust?

Texas Arcane said...

@Askari Rey

I frequently visit this blog called "Vault-Co" on the web but I don't believe everything I read there. I suspect the author of that site might be some kind of Jew.

Askari Rey said...

@ Texas Arcane

I was asking because your Listening Post seems to be your no B.S news/science source but your Vault Feed features CNN and The Washington Post.

Just curious how Texas decodes the cacophony of horse crap that is broadcasted around the planet these days.

Askari Rey said...

Nevermind, I just noticed the Trusted Frequencies sidebar.

Texas Arcane said...

@Askari Rey

I hate that the RSS feed includes rags like CNN and WP, venues which nobody left reads on purpose unless they have suffered a stroke and can no longer avert their eyes.

Sam said...

Ron said..."
I'm no liar. At worst I'm wrong, but everything I wrote is what I believe to be true."

I apologize for calling you a liar. I was wrong. You're just completely misinformed or possibly you work for the Jews as a disinformation specialist. The reason I acted so harsh is I find it hard to believe anyone could believe such a stupid thing.

I agree with everything Tex said above about Israel and the Jews. I think the plane downed in the Indian Ocean, or where ever it went, is just such an act to start WWIII. Same with the plane shot down in Ukraine. They want to make it look like the US did it but the Jews were responsible. From Christopher Bollyn we found that the Jews bought a plane just exactly like the one they said went down in the Ocean. The company that bought it put out a press release that they were going to dismantle it for parts in Florida but surprise, surprise it ended up in a hanger in Israel. Next plane based false flag??? Notice after the plane went down prominent Jews said it went to Iran. Liars.

The Ukraine war is more of the same to threaten Russia. Maybe they think they can get a Russian/China vs. US nuclear war going. I think Putin sees through this though. He's been very careful. Smart guy.