Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oregon Shooter Was "Some Kind of Nazi" - After Photoshopping him to be White!

Breitbart reports the Los Angeles Times dishing the goods on this evil, goose-stepping Gestapo deep south Kentucky-Fried redneck, fielding a photo which apparently took 100% contrast tool to change into a white dude. Unfortunately, he was British and black. A few errors in reporting. An accident to be sure. This stuff now exceeds the most ridiculous excesses of the Soviet Union propaganda machine during its heyday. It is so accidental that the Telegraph in England coordinates their accident to make it also appear he is a white guy accidentally. It is the truth and anybody who argues otherwise is a conspiracy nut until it turns out not to be true in which case it is all a big accident. If you read these articles carefully they will tell you the weapon was a handgun but somehow they keep mentioning an AR-15 rifle which didn't exist and police who claim to have been at the scene say was not present anywhere.

Most basic elements of this story change on an hourly basis and flatly contradict earlier reporting.

A curious series of events that makes less and less sense the more you know about it.

You couldn't make this stuff up. We just post links up here. This really happened. Fluoridation in tap water is what makes LULZ of this magnitude possible. Modern people are dumb as tree stumps.

Columbine was real but suspicious. The Virginia Tech shooting was real but in odd circumstances. Every single mass shooting since the second Barack Obama started his second term as President has been fake. Each and every single one of them. I got ten dollars that says they shot this dude in the head without warning from behind and then crisis actors staged the whole fake charade. I would bet that this guy had no idea about any of this and was just some convenient stooge to blame it on. I would not be surprised if the only real fatality was this guy. He was scouted, sufficient requirements matched ... loner, awkward, few social contacts to disprove or verify anything about him, they tapped on his photo and chose him from the students at the college. He will do. We can always make him a white guy in the reporting, it's easy. We can say whatever we want about him as long as he is in no shape to contradict us. We'll simply mold him posthumously in the press to fit our current ideological talking points.


Ron said...

Anonymous conservative is going to have a field day with his expression,

Hold your hand over the lower part of his face and look at those eyes, that is one unhappy individual.

Dan Crab said...

What is really funny is how you can still tell that the "nazi" is a black guy. If I did not know that this was a fraud, I would think that the "white guy" in question was some sort of octoroon or mutant mulatto. Considering the insanity of the liberal left it is only a matter of time before they photoshop every black thug to appear white so they can alter crime statistics. They already do this but with arabs and jews.

Unknown said...

I thought "mixed race negroid" the moment I saw his photo.

Grogard said...

Should be jailed for inciting ethnic violence.