Sunday, October 11, 2015

Only Police and Criminals Need Guns

Canberra Supermarket held up by criminals for whom a gun is only ten minutes away.

Stupid population waves hands, screams impotently and warbles about intergenerational responsibility. I got an intergenerational responsibility for you. Making sure your offspring have a means to defend themselves in a world that always has been and always will be dangerous. If you are disarming your own children then why on Earth did you bring them into the world, Aussie? Think about it. More importantly, anybody who has never served in the military or suffered a violent crime or been punched in the face as an adult, take one step back from the ballot box. God bless but giving the vote to people like you is a huge, lethal mistake. It could get a whole nation killed. Come back and see us when you have a clue what kind of planet you are on.

P.S. Title of post. In most countries of the world it is difficult to tell'em apart.

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Someone planted them there: